2017 shows

Feb 2, 2017 Hexa at the Hideout, San Diego (with Solve, Wire Spine)

Feb 3, 2017 Birdy Bardot and Imagery Machine at the Soda Bar, San Diego (with Strawberry Moon)

Feb 4, 2017 Mittens at the Kensington Club, San Diego

Feb 18, 2017 The Dabbers at The Casbah, San Diego

Feb 21, 2017 Dani Bell & the Tarantist at The Casbah, San Diego

Feb 24, 2017 Le Ra with No Girlfriends, Los Hollywood at 2404 Broadway

Feb 24, 2017 Soft Lions at The Pour House, Oceanside (with The Thens, Trouble in the Wind)

Feb 24, 2017 Pleasure Fix, Cochinas Locas, Laura Gravelle women's shelter benefit at Hard Rock Hotel/Maryjane's

Feb 25, 2017 The Fresh Brunettes at Bar Pink, San Diego (with Grizzly Business, The Candelights)

Mar 1, 2017 Hexa at The Hideout, San Diego

Mar 2, 2017 PRGRM at the Belly Up, Solana Beach

Mar 3, 2017 Imagery Machine at Aztec Brewery, Vista

Mar 3, 2017 The Redwood Review: Dani Bell & the Tarantist, Birdy Bardot, Cardinal Moon, Midnight Pine at The Casbah, San Diego

Mar 3, 2017 Garden Echo at Che Cafe, San Diego (with Miya Folick)

Mar 4, 2017 Dreams Made Flesh at Art Night Kensington, Kensington Club (with The Golden Tongues, Crooked Rulers)

Mar 4, 2017 PP Fundraiser with The Rosalyns, Cochinas Locas, Goldettes at Bar Pink, San Diego

OUT OF TOWN: Mar 10, 2017 Mint Field in Los Angeles

Mar 11, 2017 Revolt-Chix at The Tower Bar, San Diego

Mar 11, 2017 Mint Field at Gymstand, San Diego

Mar 16, 2017 Mittens at The Casbah, San Diego

Mar 16, 2017 Le Chateau at the Casbah, San Diego

Mar 16, 2017 Imagery Machine at The Bancroft, Spring Valley

Mar 18, 2017 Mittens at the Pour House, Oceanside, CA

Mar 23, 2017 Hexa at Blonde bar, San Diego

Mar 24, 2017 Le Chateau at The Whistle Stop, San Diego

Mar 25, 2017 Le Chateau at the House of Blues, San Diego

OUT OF TOWN: Mar 29, 2017 Le Chateau at The Mint, Los Angeles

Mar 31, 2017 Mittens at Til Two Club, San Diego

Apr 1, 2017 Glass Spells and Soft Lions at Til Two Club, San Diego (with The Kathys)

Apr 14, 2017 The Midnight Pine at Panama 66, San Diego

May 6, 2017 Mittens at Bar Pink, San Diego

Active San Diego Artists

NOTE: Purchasing music through some of the product links below give YinPop a small credit as an Amazon Associate. Credits are used to purchase the music featured on this page. Thanks for your support!

Nena Anderson (country/blues/indie): Official, Facebook, ReverbNation
VIDEOS: "I Fall in Love Too Fast", "Daggers" (live), "Cry Me a River", "Kiss You Goodnight"
BUY MUSIC: Beyond the Lights CD

Bakkuda (indie/synth): Official, Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud
VIDEOS: "Skills" (2016) , "Happy Tears" (llve, 2016) , "Water Cup" lyric video (2015), "Happy Tears" (2013) BAND: Alex Capella
BUY MUSIC: Bandcamp

Birdy Bardot (indie/Redwoods): Facebook, The Redwoods Music
VIDEOS: "Day to Day", "Treading Water", "Heart & Smoke", "Omens", "Possibilities", "Nothing", "I Get Gone" , "Keep Your Distance", "Honey", "Dirge"
BUY MUSIC: Birdy Bardot LP/CD

Dani Bell & The Tarantist (indie/Redwoods): Facebook, Bandcamp
BAND: Dani Bell (vocals), The Tarantist (percussion/circuit bent radio), Charlie the Boombox
VIDEOS: "Crave" (2016), "Guilty" (2016), "Crave" live (2016), "Nightfall" (2016), interview (2016)
BUY MUSIC: Dark West digital album, CD

Cindy Lee Berryhill (indie, anti-folk): Official, Facebook
VIDEOS: "When Did Jesus Become a Republican?", "Radio Astronomy" (1994), "Indirectly Yours", "Mad World (live)" (Tears for Fears)
BUY MUSIC: Beloved Stranger CD (2008), Living Room 16 live CD (1999), Straight Outta Marysville CD (1996), Garage Orchestra CD (1994), Naked Movie Star CD (1989), Who's Gonna Save the World CD (1987)

Boychick (indie): Facebook (see Dani Bell & The Tarantist)
BAND: Dani Bell (vocals/keyboards), Dr. Robert Martinez (guitar), Chris Gorrie (bass), Carmen Martinez (drums)

Cardinal Moon (indie/country/Redwoods): Facebook, CD Baby
BAND: Dawn Mitschele (vocals), Alfred Howard (percussion), Jake Najor (drums), Matthew Molarius (guitar), Jason Littlefield (bass)
VIDEOS: "Amarillo", "Further" (audio)

Le Chateau (dream pop): Official, Facebook, Soundcloud
BAND: Laura Levenhagen (vocals), Frank Green (guitar), Erik Visnyak (percussion/keyboards)
VIDEO: "The Good Fight"
BUY MUSIC: Brutalism EP (forthcoming), Chateau mini-album (2015)

Chica Diabla (new wave/punk/rock & roll): Facebook, ReverbNation
BAND: Elizabeth B. (vocals), Rachel Bunz (bass), Nasty Nats (drums), Jon Jon St. Patty (guitar), Rickety Cricket (guitar, backup vocals)
BUY MUSIC: Chica Diabla CD (2016)

Cochinas Locas (punk): Facebook
BAND: Paloma (guitar), Sarah (bass), Leslie (drums)
VIDEOS: "Casualty of War" (live), "Typical" (live)

The Dabbers (noise-pop/bass and drums): Facebook, Bandcamp
BAND: Shelby Gubba (vocals/bass), Zack Wentz (drums)
VIDEO: "Hidden Tin"
BUY MUSIC: I Am Alien Now album (2016)

Dreams Made Flesh (dark wave/dream pop/alternative): Facebook, Soundcloud
BAND: Blanca Lucia (vocals), Jackson Stephens, Aaron Haines

8IM/EightIM (indie/synthpop): Facebook, Soundcloud
BAND: Tania Lizeth, Alonzo Logan

The Fictitious Dishes (indie/rock): Bandcamp, Facebook
BAND: Jacquie (bass), Liz (guitar), Maggie (drums), Taryn (guitar/vocals)
VIDEOS: "Seagull" & "Union Pacific" (live), "Another Friday Night" (live), "Counting Coup" (live)
BUY MUSIC: You Could Never Be Enough album (2015)

Flaggs (indie/garage): Bandcamp, Facebook, Official
Lindsay Matheson (vocals/guitar), Matthew Franco (drums)
BAND: Lindsay Lee (guitar/vocals), Franco (drums), Dagart (guitar/keyboards)
VIDEOS: "Got You Down", "Take a Ride", "Demon in His Way"
BUY MUSIC: Take a Ride EP (2015), Beach in Her Hair EP (2014)

Nina Francis (indie/singer-songwriter): Official, Bandcamp, Facebook
VIDEOS: "Up All Night", "Home"
BUY MUSIC: Nina Francis digital album

The Fresh Brunettes: Official, Bandcamp, Facebook
BAND: Aleisha/Baby Brunette, Paul/Brilliant Brunette, Alexis/Bossy Brunette
BUY MUSIC: "The Best of the Worst" track, "That Time" track, "Still Asleep" track, "FUBAR" track

Garden Echo (ambient/pop): Official, Facebook, Soundcloud
BAND: Alexia Villarino (vocals), Andrew Moberly (guitar), Sara Swanson (vocals)
VIDEOS: "Poolside" (audio), "Manchester" (audio), "It's Alright" (audio), "Nighthawk" (audio)
BUY MUSIC: Quiet Voices EP

Glass Spells (indie/disco/post-punk): Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud
BAND: Suz (vocals), Anthony (bass/synths), Michael (synths), Mallory (drums), original vocalist Mellany Martinez (also see Therapist)
VIDEOS: "I Feel It", "Desperate Love", "Rebellion", Live at the Casbah, "Away From Space"
BUY MUSIC: Glass Spells digital album (2016), Desperate Love digital EP (2014)

Gone Baby Gone (indie/garage): ReverbNation, Facebook
BAND: Dizzy (vocals), Jay (guitar), Pepper (bass), Jonesy (drums)
VIDEOS: "Creeper", "Miss Bossy"
BUY MUSIC: Love Stories album

The Gory Details/Diana Death : Facebook
BAND: Diana Death (vocals/guitar), Heather Dobson (drums), Damien (bass)

Hexa: Facebook, Bandcamp
BAND: Carrie Gillespie Feller (vocals/keyboards/samples) with Mitch Wilson, Shelby Wentz, Zack Wentz, Nathan Hubbard, Mike Hayden, Rostam Zafar (see also ILYA, Lunar Maps)
VIDEO: "Campo"
BUY MUSIC: Bata Motel digital EP (2016)

Hours: Facebook, Bandcamp
BAND: Carrie Gillespie Feller (guitar/vocals), Scott Feller (bass), Rostam Zafar (drums), Joshua Quon (guitar)
BUY MUSIC: Different Executions digitial single

Imagery Machine: Official, Facebook, Bandcamp
BAND: Jennie (vocals/guitar), James (guitar), Tyler (drums), Will (Bass), Kristin & Daeshelle (backup vocals)
BUY MUSIC: Imagery Machine album

Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact (indie/soul/Redwoods): Official I, Official II, Facebook I (RJ), Facebook II (RJ & the CF), Bandcamp
BAND: Rebecca Jade (vocals), Alfred Howard (percussion/circuit bent radio), Tim Felten (keyboards), Jason Littlefield (bass), Sean Martin (guitar), Jake Najor (drums), Josh Rice (keyboards)
VIDEOS: "Cuts Like a Winter", "Gonna Be Alright", "Weather the Storm", "Gonna Be Alright" (live), San Diego radio interview
BUY MUSIC: Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact MP3 download, CD

Astra Kelly: Official, ReverbNation, Facebook
VIDEOS: "Just Fine", "Someone Like You" (Adele), "All I Got"
BUY MUSIC: Astra Kelly: Timebomb CD

Le Ra (indie): Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp
BAND: Monica Mendoza (lead vocals/guitar/keyboards), Eunice Paz (bass/back up vocals), Milka Luna: (drums/back up vocals), Luis Lopez (percussion)
VIDEOS: "Relieved" (live) (2016), "Skin and Bones" (Red Band Sessions live video) (2016), "Diablo" (live) (2013), "Sheets" (live) (2013), "Moving" (2012)

Lhabia (post-rock/ambient/psychedelic/trip-hop), Tijuana-based: Facebook
BAND: Monica (vocal/guitarra), Pepe (teclado), Milka (bateria/triggers), Luis (bajo), Jerry (guitarra/teclado)
VIDEOS: "Vaquero" (live audio), "Multicolor Clouds" video (2009), "Ojos Negros" live (2008), Tijuana Underground live performance (2008)

Danielle LoPresti & the Masses (Oakland-based): Official, Facebook
VIDEOS: "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" (2015), "Maybe I Was Wrong" (2014), "No More No Less" (2010), "Objectify" (2010), "Role Mama"
BUY MUSIC: Winter's Light EP, Run With It CD

The Midnight Pine (country/Redwoods): Bandcamp, Facebook
BAND: Shelbi Bennett (vocals), Alfred Howard (circuit bent radio/ percussion), Jason Littlefield (upright bass/cello), Sean Martin (acoustic guitar/electric guitar), Josh Rice (piano/Rhodes/Hammond B3/Wurlitzer/farfisa/Vibraphone/acoustic guitar)
VIDEOS: "Caution", "Bends and Bows" (live), "Always" (live), "Mother of Wolves" (live)
BUY MUSIC: Buried CD, Awake Now digital download

Mint Field (Tijunana, indie rock): Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud
BAND: Amor Amezcua (drums/vocals), Estrella Sánchez (guitar/vocals), Andres Corella (bass/vocals) BUY MUSIC: Ciudad Satelite digital single, Primeras Salidas digital EP

Mittens (indie rock/cat rock): Official, Facebook
BAND: Lia (bass/guitar/vocals), Ramona (guitar/bass/vocals), Paul (guitar/piano/vocals), Tyty (drums/vocals)
VIDEOS: "Wait", "Secrets", "Heart of Me"
BUY MUSIC: Mittens digital album, Mittens CD

Heather Nation (indie/folk): Official, Facebook, ReverbNation
VIDEOS: "Supernova", "Calling Out Your Name"
BUY MUSIC: Heather Nation store

Nicey Nice World (indie):
BAND: Joyce Rooks (cello/voice), Jim Call (theremin/organ/blocks), Marcelo Radulovich (voice/electronics/ipod)
BUY MUSIC: Nicey Nice World digital album

Ocelot (psychedelia/rock): Official, Facebook, Bandcamp
BAND: Stephanie Brown (vocals/harmonica), James Upton (guitar), Kyre Wilcox (bass), Andrew Ware (drums), Evan Weneskay (organ/echoplex)
VIDEOS: "Lullyby", "Thieves" (live), "Hourglass" (live), "Mercy" (live), "9 Lives" (live)
BUY MUSIC: Ocelot digital album

Pleasure Fix (femme ####): Official, Facebook, Soundcloud
BAND: Ariel (vocals/bass), Emily (drums), Jeff (guitar)
VIDEOS: "Possessor" (live), "Sirens" (live)
BUY MUSIC: Possessor EP

PRGRM (rock/electronic): Official, Facebook, Bandcamp
BAND: Tza (vocals), Daniel (bass/synths), Chava (guitar), Yeyo (drums)
VIDEOS: "Leipzig", "Liars, Meet Me in the Bathroom" (rehearsal)
BUY MUSIC: Eavesdropper Revisited: B-Sides, Demos & Remixes, Eavesdropper album, "Phantom" track, "Liars, Meet Me in the Bathroom" track, "Devil's Cellar" track

Retra (indie): Facebook, Bandcamp
BAND: Haven Blue (vocals), James Howard (guitar), Chris Gorrie (bass), Martin Sohikish (guitar/keyboards), Carmen Martinez (drums)
VIDEOS: "Fly" live at the Kava Lounge (2016), "Lucy" live at the Kava Lounge (l2016), "Fly" (audio)
BUY MUSIC: Push digital album (2015)

Revolt-Chix/Revolut-Chix (punk): ReverbNation, Facebook
BAND: Kriss (vocals), Gaylene (guitar), Tera (bass), Nikki (drums)
VIDEOS: "Riot in the Streets" (live), "Not For Me" (live)

Joyce Rooks (solo, Nicey Nice World, The Dinettes, Cockpits): Nicey Nice World Bandcamp
VIDEOS: Improvisation, Dinettes: "Motorqueens of the Night"
BUY MUSIC: See Nicey Nice World

The Rosalyns: Facebook, Ugly Things Magazine web store
BAND: Amy Gore (guitar/vocals), Anja Stax (bass/vocals), Birdy Bardot (organ/vocals), Lety Beers (drums), Lori Sokolowski (guitar/vocals)
VIDEOS: "Turn On Your Love Light" (live), "Get On Your Knees" (live), "Gonna Have a Good Time Tonight"
BUY MUSIC: Hide And Seek 7" EP

Soft Lions (indie): Bandcamp, Facebook, Official, Twitter, also see Boy King
BAND: Megan Liscomb (guitar/vocals), Ana Ramundo (keyboards), Jon Bonser (drums)
VIDEOS: "Waitress", "Soft as Lions", "Spell Breaker" (live), "Phantom" (live), "All I Have to Do Is Dream (of Niles)"
BUY MUSIC: Spellbreaker EP (2016), Earth Energy EP (2014), No Peace EP (2013)

Summer Twins (Riverside): Official, Facebook
BAND: Chelsea Brown (guitar/vocals), Justine Brown (drums/vocals), Michael Rey Villavicencio (bass), Andy Moran (guitar)
VIDEOS: "Ouija", "Forget Me", "I Will Love You", "Demons", "Crying in My Sleep"
BUY MUSIC: Limbo CD (2015), Forget Me CD EP (2013), Summer Twins CD (2013)

Renata Youngblood (acoustic/folk): Facebook, Official (suspended), CD Baby
VIDEOS: "Waves", "How We Do", "Building Mazes"
BUY MUSIC: Bloody CD (2012), Weightless CD (2007), Side Effects of Owning Skin CD (2006)

Female/Male San Diego Artists

Gloomsday (gloom rock): Bandcamp, Facebook
BAND: Justin Cota (guitar/vocals), Lori Sokolowski (drums/vocals)

The Pictographs (punk/alternative): ReverbNation, Facebook
BAND: Katherine Robershaw/Katherine Keil (vocals)

The Verigolds (psychedelic/rock): Official, Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud
BAND: Jenna Cotton (vocals/keyboards/guitar), Eliot Ross (vocal/guitar/viola), Ben Smedley (keyboards/vocals), Craig Schreiber (drums/vocals)
VIDEOS: "Crossfire", "Grunge"
BUY MUSIC: For Margaret album

Jazz, Folk, Country, Other

AndEver (alternative/metal) with Lindsay Hail Almos/Steve Almos: Bandcamp, Facebook
Beth Anne (folk/Americana/Irish/R&B): Bandcamp
Amelia Browning (jazz): "Night and Day"
Kathryn Cloward (country): Official, ReverbNation, Facebook, "500 Miles", "Soft Place to Fall"
Megan Combs: "Song For a Spider"
Ericka Davies (jazz): "I Love You, I Do"
Maria De La Paz (Argentina, tango): "Volver"
Taryn Donath Duo (jazz): Facebook
Allegra Duchaine: "Give It All"
Fresh Air with Amber Lee Duke/Hindy Bare (jazz/various): "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
Gypsy Groove with Bianca Lara (jazz): "J'Attendrai"
Vasi Hunton (jazz): Bandcamp
Steph Johnson (jazz): Official, ReverbNation, Facebook, "The Big Life", BUY MUSIC: Nature Girl CD, Mysterious Feminine, CD Genesee Avenue CD
Candye Kane (blues): "Coming Out Swingin'"
Donna Larsen: Official, ReverbNation, Facebook, "And So It Is" (live, Barfly's)
Lovebirds (Lindsay White and Veronica May): Official, Facebook, ReverbNation VIDEOS: "Volcano, My Volcano", "Daddy" (live)
BUY MUSIC: Breakup Shmakeup digital download (2014), And a One, and a Two CD (2013), Nutsy Pants CD (2012)
Raelee Nikole (pop/soul): Official, "Dreamin'" video
Sue Palmer (swing/boogie woogie): "Sue's Boogie"
Isabella Paulina: "Last Christmas", "Love Song"
Sara Petite (country): "Doghouse Rose"
Ashley Pond (country): "Wishing Well"
Amanda Portela (jazz): "Jolene" (live)
Raquel (pop): Bandcamp
Rhythm & the Method with Rhythm Rose Turner: Official, ReverbNation, Facebook, "4th Dimension", BUY MUSIC: Hello!
Krista Richards (pop): Bandcamp
Kimm Rogers (indie): "Right By You"
Eve Selis (rock/pop/country)
Whitney Shay (blues): "Can't Shake It"
TGRDN (neo-soul/pop/funk): Bandcamp

Inactive San Diego Artists

Abigail's Attic: Facebook, MySpace. "Good Day", "Zombie", San Diego Fair 2009
Boy King: Bandcamp (also see Soft Lions)
Bulletins (Lorelei Plotczyk): Bandcamp
Alicia Champion: Facebook
The Dinettes (punk): "Motorqueens of the Night"
The Dirty Legs: Facebook
Eve White Eve Black
The Glossines (indie/garage): "The Bottle, The Book or the Dollar Bill" with David J.
ILYA BAND: Blanca Rojas Fowler, Carrie Gillespie Feller, Matthew Baker, Geoff Hill, Demetrius Antuna, John Mattos (also see Hexa, Dreams Made Flesh, Lunar Maps)
In Blood digital EP/LP (2014), Leaving Sans-Souci album (2006), Japanese Mini-Album digital (2003), Poise is the Greater Architect album (2002)
Jungle Fever (rock/punk): "Sick of You", "California", "Kiss", "I Won't Tell Your Wife", "Kiss", "2012" + "Your Kiss is Sweet" by Kelly Alvarez & the Optimators
Kitten With a Whip: ReverbNation, Facebook VIDEOS: "JuJu" (live), "When You're Gone" (live), "Hunting" (live), "For You" (live)
London Below
Natasha's Ghost: "Everything Gets Twisted", "Under Your Skies", "Falling Up" from Shimmer album (1999)
Nectarine (Anni Madafferi, Nicki Carano, Coleen Brown, Heidi Albert, Jackie Jones): CD Baby, live performance
Openelope (Agnes Mérmet, Maura Rosa), Tijuana: Facebook
Revenge Club (punk): Facebook
Adriana Smith/Ghost in the Graveyard: Facebook. "Velvet Elvis", "Come Find Me"
SXO (alternative): ReverbNation
Therapist (dance/punk): Bandcamp (also see Glass Spells)
22 Kings with Sandi King: Official, Facebook, ReverbNation, iTunes digital album. "Your World Inside of Me", "Not Today" (live)
Velcro (indie) with Brooke Twist (vocals/guitar), Sarah Milan (guitar/vocals), Aleece Noujaim (bass/vocals), Josh Weintraub (drums): Soundcloud
The Very with Diana Death, Lex, Phillip Inzunza (alternative rock): Facebook
We Are the Fallen with Carly Smithson: Facebook, "Bury Me Alive", Tear the World Down CD
Writer Prima with Felisa Skibicki (alternative): Official

San Diego Venues

Belly Up Tavern, (858) 481-8140, 143 S. Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075

Brick by Brick, (619) 276-3990, 1130 Buenos Ave, San Diego, CA 92110

The Casbah, 619-232-HELL (4355), 2501 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

The Hideout, (619) 501-6540, 3519 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104

House of Blues, (619) 299-BLUE (2583), 1055 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Humphrey's By the Bay, 800-745-3000, 2241 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92106

The Irenic (all-ages), 3090 Polk Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

Kava Lounge, (619) 543-0933, 2812 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

The Merrow, (619) 299-7372, 1271 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

The Music Box, (619) 795-1337, 1337 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

The Observatory, North Park, 2891 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

SDSU Open Air Theatre/Cal Coast , (619) 594-7315/ (800) 745-3000, 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182

Soda Bar, (619) 255-7224, 3615 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104

SOMA San Diego, (619) 226-7662, 3350 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

Viejas Arena, SDSU, (619) 594-7315/(800) 745-3000, 5500 Canyon Crest Drive, San Diego, CA 92182

Valley View Casino Center (San Diego Sports Arena), (619) 224-4171, 3500 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

San Diego Music Resources

Grrrl Independent Ladies community on Facebook established by Monica Mendoza of Le Ra

Grrl On Grrl Podcast

San Diego Music group on Facebook

ListenSD group on Facebook

Listen Local Radio on Facebook

ReverbNation live show listing

Center for World Music

The Redwoods label

San Diego CityBeat music section

San Diego Troubadour site

91X Loudspeaker local music broadcast, hosted by Tim Pyles, Sundays 7 to 10 p.m.

San Diego Reader

Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls San Diego

National Concert Listings/Resources

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