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YinPop DVD/Video

A.C. Marias:

Promotional Music Videos
"Drop" (1980)
"Just Talk" (1989)
"Time Was" (1989)
"One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing" (1990)

Video Releases
Carry On Disarming PAL VHS (1989) with "Just Talk" video

Indie Top Video Take Four PAL VHS (1990) with "One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing" video.

Alisha's Attic:

Promotional Music Videos
"I Am, I Feel" (1996)
"Alisha Rules the World" (1996)
"Indestructible" (1997)
"Air We Breathe" (1997)
"The Incidentals" (live) (1998)
"Wish I Were You" (live) (1998)
"Barbarella" (unofficial, 1999)
"Push It All Aside" (unofficial, 2001)
"Pretender Got My Heart" (unofficial, 2001)

Dot Allison:

Promotional Music Videos
"Strung Out" (2002)
"Thief of Me" (2007)
"Paved With a Little Pain" (2009)

All About Eve:

Promotional Music Videos
"Flowers in Our Hair"
"Every Angel"
"In the Clouds" (unofficial)
"Wildhearted Woman" (unofficial)
"What Kind of Fool"
"December" (1989)
"Road to Your Soul" ()
"Martha's Harbour" ()
"Shelter From the Rain"

Video Releases
Evergreen VHS (1989): "Flowers in Our Hair," "In the Clouds," "Wildhearted Woman," "Every Angel," "Martha's Harbour," "What Kind of Fool"

Cinemasonic DVD (2003): "Let Me Go Home," "The Dreamer," "Somebody Said," "Blue Sonic Boy," "Daisychains," "I Don't Know," "Phased," "Ctrl-Alt-Delete," "Sodium," "Touched by Jesus," "Life on Mars?" (David Bowie).

Live in Bonn 1991 DVD (2008)

Altered Images:

Promotional Music Videos
"Happy Birthday" (dir. Tim Pope, 1981)
"I Could Be Happy" (dir. Tim Pope, 1981)
"See Those Eyes" (dir. Steve Barron, 1982)
"Don't Talk to Me About Love" (dir. Chris Gabrin, 1983)
"Bring Me Closer" (dir. Chris Gabrin, 1983)
"Love to Stay" (dir. Duncan Gibbins, 1983)

Video Releases
The Tube Anthology: The Best of Series 1 PAL 2-DVD (2005) with "Another Lost Lost Look" (live)

The Story of Musikladen PAL 10-DVD box with "Happy Birthday" (live), "See Those Eyes" (live), and "Song Sung Blue" (live)

Tori Amos:

Promotional Music Videos
"Silent All These Years" (1991)
"Winter" (1991)
"China" (1992)
"Crucify" (1992)
"God" (1993)
"Past the Mission" (1994)
"Cornflake Girl" (US Version) (1994)
"Cornflake Girl" (European Version) (1994)
"Pretty Good Year" (1994)
"Caught a Lite Sneeze" (1996)
"Talula" (The Tornado Mix) (1996)
"Hey Jupiter" (The Dakota Version) (1996)
"Raspberry Swirl" (1998)
"Spark" (1998)
"Jackie's Strength" (1998)
"Bliss" (1999)
"1000 Oceans" (1999)
"Strange Little Girl" (2001)
"A Sorta Fairytale" (2002)
"Taxi Ride" (2003)
"Sleeps With Butterflies" (2005)
"Sweet the Sting" (2005)
"Bouncing Off Clouds" (2007)
"Big Wheel" (2007)
"Almost Rosey" (2007)
"Welcome to England" (2009)
"Maybe California" (2009)
"500 Miles" (2009)
"Flavor" (2012)
"Liquid Diamonds" (2012)
"Promise" (2014)
"Trouble's Lament" (2014)
"Carry" (2011)
"Pink and Glitter" (2009)
"A Silent Night With You" (2009)
"Fire to Your Pain" (2009)
"Darkest Hour" (music, 2015)

Video Releases
Little Earthquakes NTSC VHS (1992)

The Complete Videos 1991-1998 NTSC VHS (1998)

Fade to Red (2006)

Live from the Artists Den (2010)

Live at Montreux 1991/1992 Blu-ray/DVD (2008)

The Amps:

Promotional Music Videos
"Tipp City" (1995)
"Pacer" (1996)

Video Releases
Music Mix 3: Alternative Scene DVD with "Tip City" video

Laurie Anderson:

Promotional Music Videos
"O Superman" (1982)
"Sharkey's Day" (1984)
"This is The Picture (Excellent Birds)" (1984) with Peter Gabriel
"Language is a Virus from Outer Space" (1986)
"Beautiful Red Dress" (1989)

Video Releases

Home of the Brave VHS (1986)

Collected Videos VHS (1991)

Talk Normal lecure laserdisc (1989)

Leah Andreone:

Promotional Music Videos
"It's Alright, It's OK" (1996)
"It's Alright, It's OK" (1996)
"Never Stop Trying" (2009)

Virginia Astley:

Promotional Music Videos
"Waiting to Fall"

Au Pairs:

Promotional Music Videos
"Come Again" from Urgh! A Music War
"America" on Casablanca (Sweden, 1982)
Pinkpop (UK television, 1982)

Video Releases

Live from Hurrah's New York City DVD with "Come Again"

Also See Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Promotional Music Videos
"A Pessimist is Never Disappointed" (1998)
"I Know Enough (I Don't Get Enough)" (1998)
"I Got the Wherewithal" (1998)
"If You Can't Do It When You're Young When Can You Do It?" (1998)

Video Releases

Watch My Lips PAL DVD (2004) by Sophie Ellis-Bextor with "I Got the Wherewithall," "If You Can't Do It When You're Young When Can You Do It?" and "A Pessimist is Never Disappointed"


Louder Faster Shorter DVD (2007) with "The Amerikan in Me" (live)


Promotional Music Videos
"Really Sayin' Something" (1982)
"Shy Boy" (1982)
"Cheers Then" (1982)
"Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" (1983)
"Cruel Summer" (1983)
"Robert De Niro's Waiting" (1984)
"Rough Justice" (1984)
"Hotline To Heaven" (1984)
"The Wild Life" (1984)
"Do Not Disturb" (1985)
"Venus" (1986)
"Venus" (Extended Club Mix)
"More Than Physical" (1986)
"A Trick of the Night" (1986)
"I Heard a Rumour" (1987)
"Love In The First Degree" (1987)
"I Can't Help It" (1987)
"I Can't Help It" (Extended Mix)
"I Want You Back" (1988)
"Love Truth & Honesty" (1988)
"Nathan Jones" (1988)
"Help!" (1989)
"Only Your Love" (1990)
"Preacher Man" (1991)
"Long Train Running" (1991)
"Tripping On Your Love" (1991)
"Movin' On" (1992)
"Last Thing On My Mind" (1992)
"More, More, More" (1993)
"Every Shade of Blue" (1995)
"Take Me to Your Heart" (1996)
"Waterloo" (1998)
"Move In My Direction" (2005)
"Look on the Floor" (2005)
"Love Comes" (2009)
"Here Comes the Rain" (2010)
"Love Don't Live Here" (2010)
"Every Shade of Blue" 2010 (2010)

Video Releases

And That's Not All... PAL VHS (1984): "Robert DeNiro's Waiting," "Really Sayin' Somethin'," "Shy Boy," "Cheers Then," "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye," "Cruel Summer," "Rough Justice," "State I'm In," "Hot Line to Heaven," "Wild Life."

Video Singles PAL VHS (1986) and DVD: "Do Not Disturb," "Venus," "More Than Physical," "A Trick of the Night."

The Greatest Hits Collection NTSC VHS (1988): "Cruel Summer," "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)," "Shy Boy," "Robert De Niro's Waiting...," "Really Saying Something," "Venus" (12" Mix), "More Than Physical" (UK Single Version), "I Heard a Rumour," "Love In The First Degree" (live), "Mr. Sleaze" (Rare Groove Remix), "I Can't Help It" (Club Mix Edit), "I Want You Back," "Love, Truth & Honesty."

30 Years of Bananarama CD+DVD (2012). DVD: "Really Saying Something,""Shy Boy,""Cheers Then,""Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,""Cruel Summer,""Robert De Niro's Waiting,""Rough Justice,""Hotline To Heaven,""The Wild Life,""Do Not Disturb,""Venus,""More Than Physical,""A Trick Of The Night,""I Heard A Rumour,""Love In The First Degree,""I Can't Help It," "I Want You Back," "Love Truth & Honesty," "Nathan Jones," "Help!," "Only Your Love," "Preacher Man," "Long Train Running," "Tripping On Your Love," "Movin' On," "Last Thing On My Mind," "More More More," "Every Shade Of Blue," "Take Me To Your Heart," "Move In My Direction," "Look On The Floor," "Love Comes," "Love Don't Live Here," "Venus" (12"), "I Can't Help It" (12").

Band of Susans

Promotional Music Videos
"The Pursuit of Happiness" (1989)
"Now is Now" (1991)
"Blind" (dir. Geitz, 1993)
"The Last Temptation of Susan" (1994)

The Bangles (Continental Drifters, Susanna Hoffs, Kindred Spirit):

Promotional Music Videos
"The Real World" (1983)
"The Real World" (alternate)
"Hero Takes a Fall" (1984)
"Going Down to Liverpool" (1984)
"Manic Monday" (1986)
"If She Knew What She Wants" (1986)
"Walk Like an Egyptian" (1986)
"Walking Down Your Street" (1987)
"Hazy Shade of Winter" (1987)
"In Your Room" (1988)
"Eternal Flame" (1988)
"Be with You" (1989)
"Everything I Wanted" (1990)
"Something That You Said" (2003)

Video Releases

Greatest Hits DVD (2000) and VHS (1990): "Hero Takes a Fall," "Going Down to Liverpool," "Manic Monday," "If She Knew What She Wants," "Walk Like an Egyptian," "Walking Down Your Street," "In Your Room," "Eternal Flame," "Be with You."

Return to Bangleonia - Live in Concert DVD (2007): "Hazy Shade of Winter" (Simon & Garfunkle), "Live" (The Merry-Go-Round), "If She Knew What She Wants" (Jules Shear), "Between the Two," "The Rain Song" (Continental Drifters), "Manic Monday," "Here Right Now," "September Gurls" (Big Star), "Going Down to Liverpool" (Katrina & The Waves); "I Will Take Care of You," "Get the Girl," "In Your Room," "Stealing Rosemary," "Angels Don't Fall in Love," "Hero Takes a Fall," "Walk Like an Egyptian," "Pushin' Too Hard" (The Seeds); "Eternal Flame."

The Bangs

Promotional Music Videos
"Burnout" (live, 2001)
"Maggie the Cat" (live, 2001)
"Schick Shadel" (live, 2010)

Belly (Throwing Muses, Breeders):

Promotional Music Videos
"Gepetto" (1992)
"Slow Dog" (1992)
"Feed the Tree" (1993)
"Now They'll Sleep" (1995)
"Seal My Fate" (1995)
"Super-Connected" (1995)

Video Releases
Best Music on Video (Jan, 1993) with "Gepetto"
Rock Video Monthly (Jul, 1993) with "Slow Dog"
Rock Video Monthly (May, 1995) NTSC VHS with "Now They'll Sleep"
The Beggars Channel promotional various artists VHS with "Super-Connected"


Promotional Music Videos
"Sex (I'm a...)" (1982)
"The Metro" (1983)
"Masquerade" (1983)
"No More Words" (1984)
"Dancing in Berlin" (1984)
"Now It's My Turn" (1984)
"Take Me Breath Away" (1986)
"You Don't Know" (1986)
"Like Flames" (1986)
"Animal" (2013)

Video Releases
Video 45 VHS (1984): "No More Words," "The Metro," "Dancing in Berlin," "Sex (I'm a...)," "Now It's My Turn."

The Videosingles Australian PAL VHS (1984): "Sex (I'm A...)," "The Metro," "No More Words," "Dancing in Berlin," "Now It's My Turn."

Intimate live DVD (2003): "Masquerade," "The Metro," "Drug," "No More Words," "Shiny," "Pleasure Victim," "Lost My Mind," "Stranger on the Bus," "The Dope Show," "Blink of an Eye," "Take My Breath Away," "Sex (I'm A...)," "With a Touch," "Never Let Me Down Again.

Heidi Berry:

Video Releases
The 13 Year Itch PAL VHS (1993) with "The Moon and the Sun"

Sophie Ellis-Bextor:

Promotional Music Videos
"Take Me Home" (2000)
"Murder On the Dancefloor" (2001)
"Get Over You" (2002)
"Music Gets the Best of Me" (2002)
"Music Gets the Best of Me" (US version) (2002)
"Move This Mountain" (2002)
"Mixed Up World" (2003)
"I Won't Change You" (2003)
"Catch You" (2006)
"Today the Sun's On Us" (2007)
"Me and My Imagination" (2007)
"Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer)" (2009) by Freemasons featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor
"Groovejet (If That Ain't Love)" (2009) by Spiller featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor
"Can't Fight This Feeling" (2010) by Junior Caldera featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor
"Not Giving Up on Love" (2010) by Armin van Buuren vs Sophie Ellis-Bextor
"Bittersweet" (2010)
"Starlight" (2011)
"Beautiful' (2012) by Mathieu Bouthier featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor
"Leave Me Out of It" (2012) by The Feeling ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor
"Young Blood" (2013)
"Off & On" (2013)
"Back to Paradise" (2014) by Guena LG Amir Afargan featuring Sphie Ellis-Bextor
"Only Child" (2014) by DedRekoning featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor
"The Deer & the Wolf" (2014)
"Love is a Camera" (2014)
"Runaway Daydreamer" (2014)

Video Releases
Watch My Lips PAL DVD (2004): 1. "Sparkle," 2. "The Universe Is You," 3. "Lover," 4. "A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed," 5. "By Chance," 6. "Final Move," 7. "Is It Any Wonder," 8. "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)" 9. "Everything Falls Into Place" 10. "Murder On the Dancefloor," 11. "Move This Mountain," 12. "Get Over You," 13. "Take Me Home." Music videos: "Get Over You," "Move This Mountain," "Murder On the Dancefloor," "Music Gets the Best of Me," "Take Me Home," "A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed" by theaudience, "I Got the Wherewithal" by theaudience, "If You Can't Do It When You're Young (When Can You Do It ?)" by theaudience.

Bikini Kill:

Video Releases
Getting Close to Nothing PAL VHS with "Rebel Girl," "This is Not a Test," "Don't Need You," "Suck My Left One"


Promotional Music Videos
"Human Behaviour" (1993)
"Venus as a Boy" (1993)
"Play Dead" (1993)
"Big Time Sensuality" (1993)
"Violently Happy" (1993)
"Army of Me" (1995)
"Isobel" (1995)
"It's Oh So Quiet" (1995)
"Hyperballad" (1995)
"Possibly Maybe" (1996)
"I Miss You" (1996)
"Joga" (1997)
"Bachelorette" (1997)
"Hunter" (1997)
"Alarm Call" (1998)
"All Is Full of Love" (1999)
"Hidden Place" (2001)
"Pagan Poetry" (2001)
"Cocoon" (2002)
"It's In Our Hands" (2002)
"Nature Is Ancient" (2002)
"Oceania" (2004)
"Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left Carry My Pain on the Right)" (2004)
"Triumph of a Heart" (2005)
"Desired Constellation" (2005)
"Where Is the Line" (2005)
"Earth Intruders" (2007)
"Declare Independence" (2007)
"Innocence" (2007)
"Vertabrae by Vertabrae" (2007)
"Wanderlust" (2008)
"The Dull Flame of Desire" (2008)
"The Comet Song" (2010)
"Virus" (2011)
"Crystaline" (2011)
"Moon" (2011)
"Mutual Core" (2011)
"Lionsong" (2015)
"Stonemilker" (2015)
"Black Lake" (2015)
"Mouth Mantra" (2015)

Video Releases
Volumen music videos NTSC/PAL VHS/DVD (1998)

Greatest Hits Volumen 1993-2003 music videos NTSC/PAL DVD (2002)

The Medulla Videos music videos (2005)

Voltaic music videos (2009)

Vespertine Live at Royal Opera House live DVD (2002)

The Black Belles:

"Wishing Well"
"What Can I Do?"


Promotional Music Videos
"In the Flesh" (1976)
"X Offender" (1976)
"Denis" (1977)
"Detroit 442" (1977)
"(I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear" (1977)
"Picture This" (1978)
"Hanging On the Telephone" (1978)
"Heart of Glass" (1978)
"One Way or Another" (1978)
"Eat to the Beat" (1979)
"The Hardest Part" (1979)
"Union City Blue" (1979)
"Slow Motion" (1979)
"Shayla" (1979)
"Die Young Stay Pretty" (1979)
"Accidents Never Happen" (1979)
"Atomic" ()
"Living in the Real World" (1979)
"Sound Asleep" (1979)
"Victor" (1979)
"Sunday Girl" (1979)
"Call Me" (1980)
"The Tide is High" (1980)
"Rapture" (1980)
"Island of Lost Souls" (1982)
"Maria" (1999)
"Mother" (2011)

Video Releases
Eat to the Beat music videos VHS (1979): 1. "Eat to the Beat," 2. "The Hardest Part," 3. "Union City Blue," 4. "Slow Motion," 5. "Shayla," 6. "Die Young Stay Pretty," 7. "Accidents Never Happen," 8. "Atomic," 9. "Living in the Real World," 10. "Sound Asleep," 11. "Victor," 12. "Dreaming."

The Best of Blondie music videos NTSC/PAL VHS (1981): 1. "Call Me," 2. "In the Flesh," 3. "X Offender," 4. "Denis," 5. "Detroit 442," 6. "(I'm Always) Touched by Your Presence Dear," 7. "Picture This," 8. "Hanging On the Telephone," 9. "Heart of Glass," 10. "Dreaming," 11. "Union City Blue," 12. "Atomic," 13. "The Tide is High," 14. "Rapture," 15. "Sunday Girl."

Blondie Live! NTSC/PAL VHS (1983): 1. "Rapture," 2. "Island of Lost Souls," 3. "Dance Way," 4. "The Tide is High," 5. "Heart of Glass," 6. "Hanging on the Telephone," 7. "Dreaming," 8. "One Way or Another," 9. "War Child," 10. "Start Me Up," 11. "Call Me."

Blondie Live DVD (1999): 1. "Dreaming," 2. "Maria," 3. "Rip Her to Shreds," 4. "Hanging on the Telephone," 5. "Call Me," 6. "X Offender," 7. "Screaming Skin," 8. "Boom Boom In The Zoom Zoom Room," 9. "Atomic," 10. "Forgive and Forget," 11. "One Way Or Another," 12. "Shayla"/"Union City Blue," 13. "In the Flesh," 14. "Heart of Glass," 15. "Sunday Girl," 16. "Rapture."

The Best of MusikLaden Live DVD (2002).

VH1 Behind the Music DVD (broadcast 1999, released 2004)

Greatest Video Hits NTSC/PAL DVD (2002): 1. "In the Flesh," 2. "X Offender," 3. "Denis," 4. "Detroit 442," 5. "(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear," 6. "Picture This," 7. "Hanging On the Telephone," 8. "Heart of Glass," 9. "Dreaming," 10. "Union City Blue," 11. "Atomic," 12. "The Tide Is High," 13. "Rapture," 14. "The Hardest Part," 15. "Island of Lost Souls," 16. "Maria."

Blondie At the BBC live CD and NTSC/PAL DVD (2010). DVD: "Denis," "Picture This," "Sunday Girl," "Dreaming," "Fan Mail," "(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear," "Detroit 442," "Dreaming," "Slow Motion," "Shayla," "Union City Blue," "Atomic," "Eat to the Beat," "Picture This," "Pretty Baby," "Heart of Glass," "Hanging On the Telephone," "Sunday Girl."

Greatest Hits Live DVD (): 1. "Rapture," 2. "Island of Lost Souls," 3. "Danceaway," 4. "The Tide is High," 5. "Heart of Glass," 6. "Hanging on the Telephone," 7. "Dreaming," 8. "One way or Another," 9. "War Child," 10. "Start Me Up," 11. "Call Me." Recorded Aug 18, 1982.

Blondie Live! Blondie's Farewell Concert DVD (2004)

Live by Request NTSC/PAL DVD (2004).

Blondie (BBC) DVD (2004): 1. "Dreaming," 2. "Slow Motion," 3. "Shayla," 4. "Union City Blue," 5. "Atomic," 6. "Eat to the Beat," 7. "Picture This," 8. "Pretty Baby," 9. "Heart of Glass," 10. "Hanging on the Telephone," 11. "Sunday Girl." Recorded at Glasgow Apollo.

Blondie: Video Hits DVD (2005): "Heart of Glass," "Hanging on the Telephone," "Dreaming," "Atomic," "The Tide is High," "Rapture."

Live 1978 DVD (2006): 1. "X Offender," 2. "Little Girl Lies," 3. "Look Good in Blue," 4. "Man Overboard," 5. "In the Flesh," 6. "I'm on E," 7. "Love at the Pier," 8. "I Didn't Have the Nerve," 9. "Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)," 10. "Kidnapper," 11. "Youth Nabbed as Sniper."

Live in Toronto DVD (2007): 1. "Rapture," 2. "Island of Lost Souls," 3. "Danceway", 4. "The Tide is High," 5. "Heart of Glass," 6. "Hanging on the Telephone," 7. "Dreaming," 8. "One Way or Another," 9. "War Child," 10. "Start Me Up," 11. "Call Me."

No Exit DVD

Live at CBGB 1977 DVD (2014)

The BlueBonnets

Promotional Music Videos
"60 Punishing Minutes" (2015)

Blush (from Coventry):

Promotional Music Videos
"Wildest Dreams"

Bone Orchard:

Promotional Music Videos
"Fats Terminal"
"Princess Epilepsy"
"The Mission"
"Cold Black Stick"

Book of Love:

Promotional Music Videos
"You Make Me Feel So Good"
"Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls"
"Alice Everyday"
"Hunny Hunny"

Bow Wow Wow

Promotional Music Videos
"I Want Candy"
"Do You Wanna Hold Me"
"C30 C60 C90 Go"
"Baby Oh No" (1982)

The Breeders:

Promotional Music Videos
"Divine Hammer"
"Son of Three"
"Shocker in Gloomtown" (Guided by Voices)

Kate Bush:

Promotional Music Videos
"The Man With the Child in His Eyes" (1978)
"Them Heavy People" (1978)
"Wuthering Heights" (version 1, 1978)
"Wuthering Heights" (version 2, 1978)
"Wow" (1978)
"Hammer Horror" (1978)
"Breathing" (1980)
"Army Dreamers" (1980)
"Babooshka" (1980)
"The Dreaming" (1982)
"There Goes a Tenner" (1982)
"Sat in Your Lap" (1982)
"Suspended in Gaffa" (1982)
"Hounds of Love" (1986)
"Running Up That Hill" (1985)
"Cloudbusting" (1985)
"Experiment IV" (1986)
"The Big Sky" (1985)
"The Sensual World" (1989)

Video Releases
Live at Hammersmith Odeon NTSC/PAL VHS (1978): "Moving," "Them Heavy People," "Violin," "Strange Phenomena," "Hammer Horror," "Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake," "Wow," "Feel It," "Kite," "James and the Cold Gun," "Oh England My Lionheart," "Wuthering Heights."

1979 Televison Special featuring Peter Gabriel DVD: "Violin" by Kate Bush, "Gymnopedie No. 1" by KT Bush Band, "Symphony in Blue" by Kate Bush, "Them Heavy People" by Kate Bush, "Here Comes the Flood" by Peter Gabriel, "Ran Tan Waltz" by Kate Bush, "December Will Be Magic Again" by Kate Bush, "The Wedding List" by Kate Bush, "Another Day" by Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel, "Egypt" by Kate Bush, "The Man With the Child in His Eyes" by Kate Bush, "Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbreak" by Kate Bush.

The Single File VHS (1983): "Wuthering Heights," "The Man With the Child in His Eyes," "Hammer Horror," "Wow," "Them Heavy People," "Breathing," "Babooshka," "Army Dreamers," "Sat in Your Lap," "The Dreaming," "Suspended in Gaffa," "There Goes a Tenner."

The Hair of the Hound VHS (1986): "Running Up that Hill," "Hounds of Love," "The Big Sky," "Cloudbusting."

The Whole Story NTSC/PAL VHS (1988): "Wuthering Heights," "Cloudbusting," "The Man With the Child in His Eyes," "Breathing," "Wow," "Hounds of Love," "Running Up That Hill," "Army Dreamers," "Sat in Your Lap," "Experiment IV," "The Dreaming," "Babooshka," "The Big Sky"

The Sensual World: The Video VHS (1990): Interview, "The Sensual World," "Love and Anger," "This Woman's Work."

The Collection/Live at BBC DVD: Wuthering Heights, Cloudbusting, The Man With The Child In His Eyes, Breathing, Wow, Hounds of Love, Running Up That Hill, Army Dreamers, Sat In Your Lap, Experiment IV, The Dreaming, Babooshka, The Big Sky, The Sensual World, Love & Anger, This Woman's Work. Live at BBC: Violin, Satie's Gymnopedie (by the KT Bush Band), Symphony in Blue, Them Heavy People, Here Comes the Flood (Peter Gabriel), The Ran Tan [Ran Tan Waltz], December Will Be Magic Again, Another Day with Peter Gabriel, Egypt, The Man With the Child in His Eyes, Don't Push Your Foot on the Heart Brake.

The Line, The Cross & The Curve VHS (1993): "Rubberband Girl," "And So Is Love," "The Red Shoes," "Lily," "The Red Shoes (Instrumental)," "Moments of Pleasure," "Eat the Music," "The Red Shoes."

Hounds of Love: A Classic Album Under Review NTSC DVD (2009)

Under Review: An Independent Critical Analysis profile DVD (2005)/reissued as The Only Girl in the World DVD

Kate Bush: A Life of Surprises documentary 2-DVD (2011)

The Capsules:

Promotional Music Videos
"Slideshow" (2004)
"Light the Path" (2007)
"My Lucky Stars" (2012)
"Our Apocolypse" (2012)
"Across the Sky" (2013)
"Time Will Only Tell (2013)
"Super Symmetry" (2014)

Belinda Carlisle

Promotional Music Videos
"Mad About You" (dir. Leslie Libman, 1986)
"I Feel the Magic" (dir. Marty Callner, 1986)
"Heaven is a Place on Earth" (dir. Diane Keaton, 1987)
"I Get Weak" (dir. Diane Keaton, 1988)
"Circle in the Sand" (dir. Peter Care, 1988)
"World Without You" (dir. Diane Warren, 1988)
"I Feel Free" concert footage (1988)
"Love Never Dies..." concert footage (1988)
"Leave a Light On" (dir. Peter Care, 1989)
"La Luna" (dir. Andy Morahan, 1989)
"Runaway Horses" (dir. Greg Masuak, 1989)
"Vision of You" (dir. Victor Ginzburg, 1990)
"(We Want) The Same Thing" (dir. Greg Masuak, 1990)
"Summer Rain" (dir. Andy Morahan, 1990)
"Live Your Life Be Free" (dir. Nick Egan, 1991)
"Do You Feel Like I Feel" (dir. Nick Egan, 1991)
"Half the World" (dir. Nick Egan, 1991)
"I Plead Insanity" (dir. Scott Kalvert, 1991)
"Little Black Book" (dir. Dan Rucks, 1992)
"Big Scary Animal" UK version (dir. Michel Gondry, 1993)
"Big Scary Animal" US version (dir. Jim Gable, 1993)
"Lay Down Your Arms" (dir. Neil Abramson, 1993)
"Goodbye Day" (1993)
"In Too Deep" (dir. David Nelson, 1996)
"Always Breaking My Heart" (dir. Philippe Gautier, 1996)
"California" (dir. Philippe Gautier, 1997)
"Love in the Key of C" (dir. Philippe Gautier, 1996)
"I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" (from Hercules,1997)
"All God's Children" (dir. Lee Donaldson, 1999)
"Sun" (dir. Dan Ruttley, 2013)

Video Releases
Belinda NTSC VHS live performance (MCA Home Video, 80464, 1986): I Need a Disguise; I Never Wanted a Rich Man; Gotta Get to You; Shot in the Dark; We Got the Beat; Band of Gold; Lust to Love; From the Heart; Mad About You; Since You've Gone; Head Over Heels; I Feel the Magic.

The Legendary Ladies of Rock & Roll US NTSC VHS (HBO Video, 0037, 1987). Performances Belinda Carlisle participates in: "Soldier Boy," "Band of Gold," "Be My Baby," "Dancing in the Street."

Live! US NTSC VHS (Virgin, 50128-3, 1988)/UK PAL VHS (VVD395, 1988): I Feel Free; Mad About You; Lust to Love; I Get Weak; Fool For Love; Circle in the Sand; World Without You; Nobody Owns Me; Our Lips Are Sealed; Vacation; Heaven is a Place On Earth; Love Never Dies; Head Over Heels; We Got the Beat.

Runaway Videos US NTSC VHS (Pioneer/MCA Music Video, MCAV-87004, 1990)/laserdisc (PA-90-023): Mad About You; I Feel the Magic; Heaven is a Place On Earth; I Get Weak; Circle in the Sand; Leave a Light On; Summer Rain; Runaway Horses; La Luna.

Runaway Live UK PAL VHS (Castle Music Pictures, CMP 6004, 1990), NTSC laserdisc, DVD (Sanctuary Digital Entertainment, 75517 45900-9, 2001): Runaway Horses; Summer Rain; (We Want) The Same Thing; Whatever It Takes; Mad About You; Circle in the Sand; Nobody Owns Me; I Get Weak; Valentine; La Luna; Vision of You; Leave a Light On; Heaven is a Place On Earth; Our Lips Are Sealed; We Got the Beat; World Without You; Shades of Michelangelo.

Live from Metropolis Studios (Edsel Records, EDMTDVD001, 2013): Runaway Horses; (We Want) the Same Thing; I Get Weak; Sun; California; Circle in the Sand; Bonnie et Clyde; Mad About You; Vision of You; La Luna; Summer Rain; Big Scary Animal; Leave a Light On; Heaven is a Place on Earth; Live Your Life Be Free; Our Lips Are Sealed; We Got the Beat; Ne Me Quitte Pas. Note: Recorded May 27th, 2012, included with CD/DVD collection.

The Collection CD/DVD ((Edsel Records/Demon, DMGTV055, 2014). DVD: (We Want) The Same Thing; Heaven is a Place on Earth; Live Your Life Be Free; Leave a Light On; I Get Weak; Big Scary Animal (UK version); Runaway Horses; Mad About You; Half the World; Sun; Little Black Book; Circle in the Sand; In Too Deep; Summer Rain; Do You Feel Like I Feel?; World Without You; La Luna; Vision of You.

The Anthology 3-CD/2-DVD box set (Edsel Records, BCBOOK001, 2014).


Promotional Music Videos
"Road Rage"
"Mulder and Scully"
"Dead From the Waist Down"
"Strange Glue"
"I Am the Mob"
"You've Got a Lot to Answer For" (1997)
"Sweet Catatonia"
"Lost Cat"
"Londinium" (1999)


Promotional Music Videos
"Leave a Trace" (2015)
"Empty Threat" (2015)
"The Mother We Share" (2015)
"Under the Tide" (2014)
"Recover" (2013)
"Lies" (2013)
"Gun" (2013)
"Now is Not the Time" (2013)


Promotional Music Videos
"Me As Helen of Troy"
"Take My Love" (live, 1995)
"Me As Helen of Troy" (live, 1995)

Cocteau Twins:

Promotional Music Videos
"Song to the Siren" by This Mortal Coil (1984)
"Pearly Dewdrops' Drops" (directed by Nigel Grierson, 1984)
"Aikea-Guinea" (directed by Nigel Grierson, 1985)
"Pink Orange Red" (1985)
"Love's Easy Tears" (1986)
"Crushed" (directed by Nigel Grierson, 1987)
"Carolyn's Fingers" (1988)
"Cico Buff" (1988)
"Iceblink Luck" (directed by Howard Greenhalghm, 1990)
"Heaven or Las Vegas" (directed by Howard Greenhalgh, 1990)
"Evangeline" (directed by Nico Beyer, 1993)
"Bluebeard" (directed by Paul Donnellon, 1994)
"Tishbite" (1996)

Video Releases
Lonely is an Eyesore UK/US various artists VHS (4AD VAD 703, 1987). Cocteau Twins video: "Crushed."

Rock Video Monthly US various artists VHS (Warner Music 0594A, 1994). Cocteau Twins video: "Bluebeard."

Tishbites unofficial DVD (2004): "Pearly Dewdrops' Drops," "Aikea-Guinea," "Pink Orange Red," "Love's Easy Tears," "Crushed," "Carolyn's Fingers," "Cico Buff," "Iceblink Luck," "Heaven or Las Vegas," "Evangeline," "Bluebeard," "Tishbite." Rilkean Dreams: "Prelude," "Rilkean Heart," "A Capella Interlude," "Half-Gifts," "Epilogue." This Mortal Coil video: "Song to the Siren."

Concrete Blonde:

Promotional Music Videos
"Still In Hollywood" (1986)
"True" (1986)
"Dance Along the Edge" (1987)
"God Is a Bullet" (1989)
"Scene of a Perfect Crime" (1989)
"Happy Birthday" (1989)
"Joey" (1990)
"Caroline" (1990)
"Bloodletting" (1990)
"Walking in London" (1992)
"Someday" (1992)
"Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man" (1992)
"Everybody Knows" (1992)
"Heal It Up" (1993)
"Take Me Home" (2002)

Video Releases
Concrete Blonde: December 16, 1986 - September 17, 1990 VHS (1990) music videos: "Caroline," "Everybody Knows," "Joey," "Happy Birthday," "Scene of a Perfect Crime," "God Is a Bullet," "Dance Along The Edge," "True," "Still In Hollywood."

Mid-Life Crisis NTSC VHS (1992): Interview, "Walking in London" recording session, videos: "Ghost of a Texas Ladies' Man," "Dance Along the Edge," "Free," "Happy Birthday," "God is a Bullet," "Caroline"

Still in Hollywood: The Videos NTSC DVD (2002): 1. "Caroline," 2. "Everybody Knows," 3. "Joey," 4. "Happy Birthday," 5. "Scene of a Perfect Crime," 6. "God is a Bullet," 7. "Dance Along the Edge," 8. "True," 9. "Still in Hollywood," 10. Midlife Crisis Intro, 11. Behind-The-Scenes Documentary, 12. Someday?, 13. Behind the Scenes

Continental Drifters (with Vicki Peterson/Susan Cowsill):

Nov 21, 1998 "Listen, Listen" (live, Sandy Denny tribute, St. Ann's Church, New York, US)
Nov 22, 1998 "Who We Are, Where We Live" (live, Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, US)
Nov 22, 1998 "Watermark" (live, Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, US)
Nov 22, 1998 "Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway" (live, Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, US)
Nov 22, 1998 "Bang Bang/Mixed Messages" (live, Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, US)
Nov 22, 1998 "The Rain Song" (live, Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, US)
Sep 12, 2015 "Drifters" (live, Tipitna's, New Orleans, LA, US)

Josie Cotton:

Promotional Music Videos
"Johnny Are You Queer?" (1982)
"Rockin' Love" (1982)
"He Could Be the One" (1982)
"Jimmy Loves Mary Anne" (1984)
"Maneaters...Get Off the Road" (2010)
"See the New Hong Kong" (2011)

The Cranberries:

Promotional Music Videos
"Ode to My Family"
"I Can't Be With You"
"Ridiculous Thoughts"
"Free to Decide"
"When You're Gone"
"Animal Instinct"
"Just My Imagination"
"You & Me"
"Time Is Ticking Out"
"This Is the Day"

Video Releases
Live NTSC/PAL VHS (1994)/DVD (2005)

Beneath the Skin: Live in Paris live NTSC/PAL DVD (2000)

Stars: The Best of Videos 1992-2002 NTSC/PAL DVD (2002): Music Videos: "Dreams," "Linger," "Zombie," "Ode to My Family," "I Can't Be With You," "Ridiculous Thoughts," "Salvation," "Free to Decide," "When You're Gone," "Promises," "Animal Instinct," "Just My Imagination," "You & Me," "Analyse," "Time Is Ticking Out," "This Is the Day," "Stars." + Live favorites: "Daffodil Lament: (live '94 Astoria UK), "Empty" (live '94 Astoria), "Sunday" (live '96 tour) + Live at Vicar Street: "Time Is Ticking Out," "Linger," "In the Ghetto," "Ode to My Family," "Shattered," "Animal Instinct," "Loud and Clear," "I Can't Be With You," "Analyse."


Promotional Music Videos
"Shining Road"
"Beautiful Friend"
"I Hope"

Video Releases
Indie Top Video Take Six PAL VHS (1991) with "I Hope"

The Creatures:

Promotional Music Videos
"Miss the Girl" (directed by Tim Pope, 1983)
"Right Now" (directed by Tim Pope, 1983)
"Standing There" (directed by Peter Scammell, 1989)
"Fury Eyes" (directed by Peter Scammell, 1989)
"2nd Floor" (1998)
"Say" (1999)
"Godzilla!" (2003)

Video Releases
"Tokyo Drumming Session" included on Hai! CD/DVD (SIOUXSCD15, 2003)

"Godzilla" video/"Godzilla (Instrumental)" video included on Godzilla CD single #2 (SIOUX 14CD2, 2003)

"Second Floor" video included on Hai! US CD/DVD (Instinct, INS619-2, 2003)

Cherie Currie:


Promotional Music Videos
"Clipped" (1991)
"Horror Head" ()
"Missing Link" (1993)
"Coast is Clear" ()
"Fait Accompli" ()
"Superblaster" ()
"Chinese Burn"

Video Releases
"Clipped" on Melody Maker Video Vol. 1 (1991)

The Darling Buds:

Promotional Music Videos
"It's All Up to You" (dir. Viv Albertine, 1988)
"Burst" (1988)
"Hit the Ground" (1988)
"Let's Go Round There" (1989)
"You've Got to Choose" (1989)
"Tiny Machine" (dir. Angela Conway, 1990)
"Crystal Clear" (1990)
"Sure Thing" (1992)
"Please Yourself" (dir. Stretch, 1992)
"It Makes No Difference" (dir. Mike Mason, 2010)

Video Releases
1989 Indie Top Video: The Ultimate Music Video Experience UK PAL VHS (Picture Music International, PPS 2042). Darling Buds video: "It's All Up to You."

1990 Columbia Records Compilation Reel #59 US NTSC VHS (Columbia). Darling Buds video: "Crystal Clear."

1990 Columbia/Epic Records Alternative Compilation Reel US NTSC VHS (Columbia/Epic). Darling Buds video: "Crystal Clear."

Martha Davis:

Promotional Music Videos
"Don't Tell Me the Time" (1987)
"Tell It to the Moon" (1988)

Danielle Dax:

Promotional Music Videos
"Big Hollow Man" ()
"Cathouse" ()
"White Knuckle Ride" ()
"Tomorrow Never Knows" ()

Video Releases
Women in Rock VHS (1986) with "Ostrich" (live) and "Evil Honky Stomp" (live) recorded at the Marquee Club in London.

Live PAL VHS (1987): 1. "Ostrich," 2. "Bed Caves," 3. "Pariah," 4. "Fortune Cheats," 5. "Evil Honkey Stomp," 6. "Bad Miss M," 7. "Up In Arms," 8. "Numb Companions," 9. "Shamemen," 10. "Here Come The Harvest Buns," 11. "Yummer Yummer Man," 12. "Sleep Has No Property," 13. "Hammerheads," 14. "Fizzing Human Bomb," 15. "Tower of Lies," 16. "Bad Miss M."

Bad Miss M Live PAL DVD (2006): 1. "Ostrich," 2. "Bed Caves," 3. "Pariah," 4. "Fortune Cheats," 5. ":Evil Honkey Stomp," 6. "Bad Miss M," 7. "Up In Arms," 8. "Numb Companions," 9. "Shamemen," 10. "Here Come The Harvest Buns," 11. "Yummer Yummer Man," 12. "Sleep Has No Property," 13. "Hammerheads," 14. "Fizzing Human Bomb," 15. "Tower of Lies," 16. "Bad Miss M." Recorded at Camden Palace Theatre on December 30, 1985

Live From the Camden Palace NTSC DVD (2013): 1. "Ostrich," 2. "Bed Caves," 3. "Pariah," 4. "Fortune Cheats," 5. ":Evil Honkey Stomp," 6. "Bad Miss M," 7. "Up In Arms," 8. "Numb Companions," 9. "Shamemen," 10. "Here Come The Harvest Buns," 11. "Yummer Yummer Man," 12. "Sleep Has No Property," 13. "Hammerheads," 14. "Fizzing Human Bomb," 15. "Tower of Lies," 16. "Bad Miss M."


Promotional Music Videos
"She Loves She" (1995)
"Don't It Get You Down" (1996)
"Something to Tell You" (1996)
"Run Baby Run" (1999)
"Deeper Water" (1999)
"Over the Radio" (1999)

The Delphines:

Promotional Music Videos
"I Want You The Way I Want You Not How You Are" (dir. Jamie Babbit)
"Cosmic Speed"
"Crazy" (live, 1998)

Ani Difranco:

Render - Spanning Time with Ani DiFranco US/EU DVD (2002)

Trust live US/EU DVD (2004)

Live at BabevilleUS/EU DVD (2008)

92Y live DVD (2009)


Promotional Music Videos
"Boys in Town" (1981)
"Science Fiction" (1982)
"Only Lonely" (1982)
"Good Die Young" (1984)
"In My Life" (1984)
"Pleasure and Pain" (1985)
"Sleeping Beauty" (1985)
"Hey Little Boy" (1988)
"Back to the Wall" (1988)
"Punxsie" (1988)
"I Touch Myself" (1990)
"I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore" (1992)
"I'm Jealous" (1995)

Video Releases
Divinyls Live: Jailhouse Rock DVD (2012): 1. "Boys in Town," 2. "I'll Make You Happy," 3. "Only Lonely," 4. "Guillotine Day," 5. "Need a Lover," 6. "Open Windows," 7. "Love School," 8. "Lay Your Body Down," 9. "Science Fiction," 10. "Temperamental," 11. "Sex Will Keep Us Together," 12. "Make Out Alright," 13. "Bless My Soul," 14. "I Touch Myself," 15. "Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore," 16. "Pleasure and Pain."

Dolly Mixture:

Promotional Music Videos
"Been Teen"

The Dollyrots:

Promotional Music Videos
"Because I'm Awesome" (2007)
"New College" (2007)
"Brand New Key" (2008)
"Kick Me to the Curb" (2010)
"Messed Up Xmas" (2010)
"Rollercoaster" (2011)
"Playing With Fire" (2011)
"Twist Me to the Left" (2013)
"Satellite" (2013)
"Love Ya Love Ya Love Ya" (2013)
"Starting Over Again" (2013)
"Stupidly in Love" (2014)
"First World Anarchist" (2014)
"Barefoot and Pregnant" (2014)
"Puppy Dog Eyes" (2014)
"Nightlight" (2014)
"Under the Same Sky" (2014)
"Bury Me in Ireland" (2014)
"Da Doo Ron Ron"/"I Wana Be Sedated" (2014)
"Get Weird" (2014)
"Let's Turkey Trot" (2014)
Punk Songs About Girls: Stageit August 24, 2015
Kelly's Birthday Tribute to Girl Groups! Stageit June 22, 2015
God Save the Dollyrots: Stageit May 17, 2015

Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses):

Promotional Music Videos
"The Bright Light"
"Pretty Deep"
"Mass Ave"
"Keeping You" (2001)

The Donnas:

Promotional Music Videos
"Skintight" (1999)
"Get Rid of That Girl" (1999)
"40 Boys in 40 Nights"
"Who Invited You"
"Fall Behind Me"
"I Don't Wanna Know (If You Don't Want Me)"
"Don't Wait Up For Me"
"Too Bad About Your Girl"
"Take It Off"
"Get Off"

Dressy Bessy:

Promotional Music Videos
"Better Luck" (2003)
"Hey May" (2003)
"Girl, You Shout!" (2003)
"Electrified" (2006)
"Ten Million Stars" (4/2009)
"Pretty Pleaze" (5/2009)
"In Your Headphones" (6/2009)
"Left to the Right" (7/2009)
"Shoot I Love You" (8/2009)
"Simple Girlz" (10/2009)
"All the Right Reasons...a holiday Song" (12/2009)
"Roundabout" (2/2010)
"Automatic" (3/2010)
"Hey Alice!" (6/2012)
"Ease Me Down" (11/2010)
"Anyone Can See" (11/2010)
"Dressed the Part" (9/2010)
"Do You Whisper?" (7/2010)
"Hopped Up (On Christmas)" (12/2010)
"Mister Kringle's" (12/2011)
"Little Pieces" (7/2012)
"Something to Love" (8/2012)
"WhateverYou Want (For Christmas)" (12/2012)
"Wind Me Up" (12/2012)
"Lipstick" (8/2013)


Promotional Music Videos
"Not So Manic Now"
"Elevator Song"
"I Will Be Your Girlfriend"
"No More Talk"
"The Self Same Thing"
"I (Friday Night)"
"Cathedral Park"

Anne Dudley:

Dum Dum Girls:

Promotional Music Videos
"Jail La La" (2010)
"Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout" (2010)
"Bedroom Eyes" (2011)
"He Gets Me High" (2011)
"Coming Down" (2012)
"Coming Down" video 2 (2012)
"Lord Knows" (2012)
"Lost Boys and Girls Club" (2013)
"Rimbaud Eyes" (2014)
"Too True To Be Good" (2014)
"Under These Hands" (2014)
"Are You Okay" in Are You Okay short film by Bret Easton Ellis (2014)


Promotional Music Videos
"Insomniac" (1994)
"King of the Kerb" (1995)
"Dark Therapy" (1995)
"Great Things" (1995)


Promotional Music Videos
"Stutter" (1995)
"Line Up" (1995)
"Connection" (1995)
"Waking Up" (1995)
"Car Song" (1995)

Eve's Plum:

Promotional Music Videos
"I Want It All" (1993)
"Blue" (1993)
"Die Like Someone" (1994)
"Jesus Loves You (Not As Much As I Do)" (1995)


Promotional Music Videos
"Love Is a Stranger" (1982)
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (1983)
"Who's That Girl?" (1983)
"Right by Your Side" (1983)
"Here Comes the Rain Again" (1983)
"Sex Crime (1984)" (1984)
"Julia" (1984)
"Would I Lie to You?" (1985)
"There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)" (1985)
"Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves" (1985)
"It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)" (1985)
"When Tomorrow Comes" (1986)
"Thorn in My Side" (1986)
"Miracle of Love" (1986)
"Missionary Man" (1986)
"Beethoven (I Love to Listen To)" (1987)
"I Need a Man" (1987)
"You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart" (1987)
"Don't Ask Me Why" (1989)
"The King & Queen of America" (1989)
"Angel" (1989)
"Revival" (1989)
"I Saved the World Today" (1999)
"17 Again" (1999)
"I've Got a Life" (2005)

Video Releases

Sweet Dreams (The Video Album) live/music video NTSC/PAL VHS (1983)/DVD (1988): "This is the House," "Never Gonna Cry Again," "Take Me to Your Heart," "I've Got An Angel," "Satellite of Love," "Love Is a Stranger" (music video), "Who's That Girl," "This City Never Sleeps," "Jennifer," "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (music video), "I Could Give You a Mirror," "Somebody Told Me," "Wrap it Up," "Tous Les Garcons et Les Filles," "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (live).

Savage VHS (1987): 1. "Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)," 2. "I Need a Man," 3. "Heaven,"4. "Shame," 5. "Wide Eyed Girl," 6. "Do You Want To Break Up?," 7. "I've Got a Lover (Back in Japan)," 8. "Put the Blame On Me," 9. "Savage," 10. "You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart," 11. "I Need You," 12."Brand New Day."

Eurythmics Live NTSC/PAL VHS (1987)/DVD: "Sex Crime (1984)," "Let´s Go," "The Last Time," "Here Comes the Rain Again," "It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)," "When Tomorrow Comes," "There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)," "Who's That Girl?," "Right By Your Side," "Thorn in My Side," "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," "Would I Lie to You?," "Missionary Man," "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves," "The Miracle of Love."

We Too Are One Too VHS (1989): "We 4 Are 3," "We Two Are One" (live/acoustic versions), "I Love You Like a Ball and Chain" (live version), "Don't Ask Me Why," "How Long?," "You Hurt Me (I Hate You)" (LP version), "(My My) Baby's Gonna Cry," "We Two Are One" (live version), "I Need You" (acoustic version), "Rudolph and the Red Nosed Reindeer," "The King and Queen of America," "Love is a Stranger" (live version), "Sylvia" (LP version), "Revival," "Farewell to Tawathie (Trad. Scottish)," "Angel," "Ballad of Eurythmics Road Crew," "When the Day Goes Down" (LP/live versions).

Greatest Hits NTSC/PAL VHS (1991)/DVD (2000): 1. "Sweet Dreams," 2. "Love Is a Stranger," 3. "Who's That Girl?," 4. "Right by Your Side," 5. "Here Comes the Rain Again," 6. "Sex Crime (1984)," 7. "Julia," 8. "Would I Lie to You?," 9. "There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)," 10. "Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves," 11. "It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)," 12. "When Tomorrow Comes," 13. "Thorn in My Side," 14. "Miracle of Love," 15. "Missionary Man," 16. "Beethoven (I Love to Listen To)," 17. "I Need a Man," 18. "You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart," 19. "Don't Ask Me Why," 20. "The King & Queen of America," 21. "Angel"

Peacetour live NTSC/PAL DVD (2000): 1. "I Want It All," 2. "Missionary Man," 3. "Thorn in My Side," 4. "When Tomorrow Comes," 5. "It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)," 6. "I Saved the World Today," 7. "Who's That Girl," 8. "I Love You Like a Ball and Chain," 9. "Would I Lie To You?," 10. "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves," 11. "17 Again," 12. "You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart," 13. "Love is a Stranger," 14. "I Need A Man," 15. "Walking On Broken Glass," 16. "There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)," 17. "Here Comes The Rain Again," 18. "Why," 19. "The Miracle of Love," 20. "Peace Is Just a Word," 21. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)."

Sweet Dreams/Live From Heaven live DVD (2003)

Ultimate Collection music videos NTSC/PAL DVD (2005): 1. "I've Got a Life," 2. "Love is a Stranger," 3. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," 4. "Who's That Girl?," 5. "Right By Your Side," 6. "Here Comes the Rain Again," 7. "Would I Lie to You?," 8. "There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)," 9. "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves," 10. "It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)," 11. "When Tomorrow Comes," 12. "Thorn in My Side," 13. "The Miracle of Love," 14. "Missionary Man," 15. "You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart," 16. "I Need a Man," 17. "I Saved the World Today."

Evil Stig:

Promotional Music Videos
"Go Home" (1994)

The Eyeliners:

"Six Years"


Promotional Music Videos
"You're the One" (BBC)
"Special Care" (BBC)
"Charity Ball" (Sonny & Cher, 1971)
"Borrowed Time"


Promotional Music Videos
"Sign on the Line" (1987)

The Flatmates:

Promotional Music Videos
"I Could Be in Heaven" (live - Bristol, 1986)
"You're Gonna Cry" (1987)
"Heaven Knows" (1988)
"You Held My Heart" (live - Midsomer Norton, 2013)
"Do the Angels Care?"(2013)
"Happy All the Time" (live - Brighton, 2013)
"Shimmer" (live - Brighton, 2013)
"So in Love With You" (live - London, 2013)
"Comedienne" (live - Brighton, 2 versions, 2013)
"You Held My Heart" (live - London, 2013)

Flying Lizards:

Promotional Music Videos
"Money (That's What I Want)"
"Sex Machine"
"Lovers and Other Strangers"
"Dizzy Miss LIzzie"
"And Then He Kissed Me"
"Hands 2 Take"

Lita Ford:

Promotional Music Videos
"Out for Blood" (1983)
"Gotta Let Go" (1984)
"Dressed to Kill" (1984)
"Dancing on the Edge" (1988)
"Falling in and Out of Love" (1988)
"Falling in and Out of Love" (second video)
"Fatal Passion" (1989)
"Kiss Me Deadly" (1989, dir. Marty Callner)
"Close My Eyes Foever" with Ozzy Osbourne (1989, dir. Jean Pellerin)
"Back to the Cave" (1989, dir. Wayne Isham)
"Broken Dreams" (1989)
"Can't Catch Me" (1989)
"Hit and Run" (1989)
"Lisa" (1990, dir. Wayne Isham)
"Hungry" (1990, dir. Jesse Dylan)
"Shot of Poison" (1991, dir. Nigel Dick)
"Larger Than Life" (1991, dir. Nigel Dick)
"Playin' With Fire" (1992, dir. Nigel Dick)
"Black Leather Heart" (2004, unofficial, footage from "Playin' With Fire," "Hungry")
"Mother" (2012, dir. Victory Tischler-Blue)

Video Releases

Lita VHS (RCA/BMG, 9834-3-R, 1989): Kiss Me Deadly (music video); Dancing on the Edge (live); Broken Dreams (live); Can't Catch Me (live); Hit and Run (live); Fatal Passion (live); Falling In and Out of Love (live); Close My Eyes Forever with Ozzy Osbourne (music video); Back to the Cave (music video).

Dangerous Curves Vol. 1 VHS (RCA/BMG, 07863-61096-3, 1991): Larger Than Life (music video); Shot of Poison (music video).

Midnight Snack VHS (RCA, 1991): Kiss Me Deadly (music video); Lisa (music video); Hungry (music video); Back to the Cave (music video).

The Complete Video Collection DVD (BMG, 2003): Kiss Me Deadly (music video); Live at Wembley Stadium: Dancing on the Edge (live); Broken Dreams (live); Can't Catch Me (live); Hit and Run (live); Fatal Passion (live); Falling In and Out of Love (live); Kiss Me Deadly (live); Close My Eyes Forever duet with Ozzy Osbourne (music video); Back to the Cave (music video). Bonus Footage: Lisa (music video); Hungry (music video); Larger Than Life (music video); Shot of Poison (music video); Playin' With Fire - previously unreleased (music video). Special Features: Making of Hungry.

Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways (2004) documentary directed by Victory Tischler-Blue includes interview, Black Leather Heart (music video).

45 Grave:

Promotional Music Videos
"Riboflavin-Flavored Non-Carbonated Polyunsaturated Blood"
"Party Time"
"Night of the Demons" (2012)
"Evil" (New Wave Theater)
"Black Cross" (New Wave Theater)
"Wax" (New Wave Theater)


Promotional Music Videos
"Call Me Crazy" (1996)
"Call Me Crazy" (Extended) (1996)


Promotional Music Videos
"Love is the Slug" (1986)
"Rules and Regulations" (1986)
"What's the Point" (1986)
"Pink Sunshine" (1989)
"International Rescue" (1989)
"Self!" (1989)
"Your Loss My Gain" (1990)
"Pop Muzik" (2010)


Promotional Music Videos

Diamanda Galas:

Video Releases
The Litanies of Satan NTSC VHS (1986)

Judgement Day PAL VHS (1993)


Video Releases
Garbage Video music videos NTSC/PAL VHS (1996)

Absolute Garbage NTSC/PAL DVD (2007)

One Mile High...Live NTSC/PAL DVD/Blu-Ray (2013)

Lisa Germano

Promotional Music Videos
"You Make Me Want to Wear Dresses"

Ghost Dance/Anne-Marie Hurst (Skeletal Family)

Promotional Music Videos
"Heart Full of Soul"
"Spin the Wheel"
"Heaven's Mist" by Anne Marie Hurst
"Hurricane Party" by Anne Marie Hurst

Girl in a Coma:

Promotional Music Videos
"Clumsy Sky" from Both Before I'm Gone (2007)
"Say" from Both Before I'm Gone (2007)
"Road To Home" from Both Before I'm Gone (2007)
"Their Cell" from Both Before I'm Gone (2007)
"Their Cell" from Both Before I'm Gone (2007)
"Static Mind" from Trio B.C. (2009)
"El Monte" from Trio B.C. (2009)
"Walkin' After Midnight" (Patsy Cline) from Adventures In Coverland (2010)
"As The World Falls Down" (David Bowie) from Adventures In Coverland (2010)
"Smart" (Released 25/10/11) Exits and All the Rest (2011)

Girls At Our Best:


Promotional Music Videos
"C'mon Let's Go"
"Leader of the Gang"
"Fox on the Run"
"Running Wild"
"Take it Like a Band"

Video Releases
Play Dirty Live NTSC VHS (1985), Live from London UK DVD (2005)

The Gits:

The Glossines:

Promotional Music Videos
"Underage" (live) (2006)
"The Bottle, The Book, or the Dollar Bill" with David J (2008)

The Go-Go's:

Promotional Music Videos
"Our Lips Are Sealed" (dir. Derek Burbidge, 1981)
"We Got the Beat" (dir. Mick Haggerty and C.D. Taylor, 1981)
"We Got the Beat" (live) from Urgh! A Music War (1982)
"Vacation" (dir. Mick Haggerty and C.D. Taylor, 1982)
"Get Up and Go" (dir. Douglas Martin, 1982)
"The Way You Dance" (dir. ______, 1982)
"Head Over Heels" (dir. Douglas Martin, 1984)
"Turn to You" (dir. Mary Lambert, 1984)
"Yes or No" (dir. Mary Lambert, 1984)
"Cool Jerk" (dir. Martin Coppen and Sid Bartholomew, 1990)
"The Whole World Lost Its Head" (dir. Roger Avary, 1994)
"Unforgiven" (dir. Troy Smith, 2001)

Video Releases

Totally Go-Go's live NTSC VHS (Thorn EMI Video, 1982): Intro, "Skidmarks On My Heart," "How Much More," "Tonite," "Fading Fast," "London Boys," "Cool Jerk," "Automatic," "Lust to Love," "Can't Stop the World," "This Town," "Vacation," "You Can't Walk in Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)," "Our Lips Are Sealed," "Let's Have a Party," "We Got the Beat," "Surfin' & Spyin'," "Beatnik Beach," "The Way You Dance," "Remember (Walking in the Sand)." Filmed at Palos Verdes High School, Palos Verdes Estates, CA, December 4, 1981.

Wild at the Greek live NTSC VHS (RCA/I.R.S. Video/MusicVision, 60513, 1985): "Get Up and Go," "Our Lips Are Sealed," "Forget That Day," "We Got the Beat," "Turn to You," "Tonite," "You Thought," "Yes or No," "I'm With You," "This Town," "Can't Stop the World," "Vacation," "I'm the Only One." Laserdisc (Image Entertainment/I.R.S. Video, ID7416IR) released 1991. Filmed at The Greek Theatre, August, 1984.

Prime Time music videos NTSC VHS (RCA/Columbia Records Home Video, 60419, 1985): "Our Lips Are Sealed," "We Got the Beat," "Vacation," "Get Up and Go," "Head Over Heels," "Turn to You," "Yes or No."

Live in Central Park NTSC DVD (Image Entertainment, ID1304CMDVD, 2001): "Head Over Heels," "Skidmarks on My Heart," "Stuck in My Car," "How Much More," "Apology," "Vacation," "Insincere," "Sonic Superslide," "Automatic," "Automatic Rainy Day," "This Town," "Unforgiven," "Beatnik Beach," "Our Lips Are Sealed," "La La Land," "We Got the Beat," "Throw Me a Curve," "I Wanna Be Sedated." Filmed at Rumsey Playfield, Central Park, New York City, June 22, 2001.

Go Sailor:

Live Music Videos
"Together Forever in Love" (live)
"Ray of Sunshine" (live)
"I Just Do" (live)
"Last Year" (live)
"The Boy Who Sailed Around the World" (live)
"Fine Day for Sailing" (live)
"Loveseat" (live)

The Graces (Charlotte Caffey)

Promotional Music Videos
"Lay Down Your Arms"
"Perfect View"

Video Releases
Popvision US NTSC VHS (Retail Vision) Vol. 4, November, 1989. The Graces video: "Perfect View."

Hot Video B promotional US U-matic 3/4" video (Wolfram Video, #605) September, 1989. The Graces video: "Lay Down Your Arms."

Nina Hagen:

"Smack Jack" (1982)
"Zarah" (1983)
"New York New York" (1983)
"Don't Kill the Animals" with Lene Lovich
"Hold Me" (1989)
"Get Your Body" (1992) by Adamski featuring Nina Hagen
"Go Ahead" (1992)
"So Bad" (1993)
"Fieber" by Oomph! featuring Nina Hagen (1999)
"Seemann" by Apocalyptica featuring Nina Hagen (2003)
"Frequency Control" ["Frequenzkontrolle"]

Video Releases
Punk + Glory documentary DVD (2005)

Toni Halliday of Curve

Promotional Music Videos
"Time Turns Around"

Deborah Harry:

Video Releases
The Complete Picture: The Very Best of Deborah Harry and Blondie PAL VHS (1991)

PJ Harvey:

Video Releases
Reeling with PJ Harvey PAL VHS (1994)

On Tour: Please Leave Quietly EU/US DVD (2006)

Julianna Hatfield

Promotional Music Videos
"My Sister"
"Universal Heart Beat"
"Spin the Bottle"
"What a Life"
"Everybody Loves Me But You" (1992)
"I See You" (1992)

Ofra Haza:

Promotional Music Videos
"Shaday" (1988)
"Im Nin'Alu"

The Heart Throbs:

Promotional Music Videos
"I Wonder Why" (1990)
"Dreamtime" (1990)
"She's in a Trance" (1992)
"Outside" (1992)

Video Releases
Indie Top Video: Take Four PAL VHS (Virgin, VVD 772, 1990). Heart Throbs video: "Dreamtime."

One Little Indian. Just Is. NTSC VHS (One Little Indian/Virgin, VVD799, 1990). Heart Throbs videos: "I Wonder Why," "Dreamtime."

A&M Records Presents: 1992's Greatest Video Moments promotional NTSC VHS (A&M, 1992). Heart Throbs video: "Outside."


Promotional Music Videos
"Our Love is Heavenly"
"Trophy Girlfriend"
"She Says"
"Space Manatee"

Kristin Hersh

Video Releases
Selected Videos from Throwing Muses & Kristin Hersh PAL VHS (1999)

Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles):

Promotional Music Videos
"My Side of the Bed" (1990)
"Unconditional Love" (1991)
"All I Want" (1996)
"Different Drum" with Matthew Sweet (2006)
"Raining" (2012)
"Picture Me" (2012)
"They Don't Know" with Matthew Sweet (2013)

Hole/Courtney Love

Holly & The Italians

Promotional Music Videos
"Miles Away"
Old Grey Whistle Test
"Youth Coup" from Old Grey Whistle Test

Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada


Promotional Music Videos
"Killer Bangs" (2014)
"Super Rat" (2014)
"Choker" (2014)

House of Schock

Promotional Music Videos
"Middle of Nowhere" (dir. Mary Lambert, 1988)

Penelope Houston

Promotional Music Videos
"Missouri Lounge"
"Full of Wonder" (mis-labeled "Peace, Love, Brutality")
"People Are Strange" with Tom Heyman (live, 2013)
"Soul Kitchen" with Tom Heyman (live, 2013)

Natalie Imbruglia

Promotional Music Videos
"Torn" (1997)
"Big Mistake" (1997)
"Wishing I Was There" (1997)
"Smoke" (1997)
"Identify" (1997)
"That Day" (2001)
"Wrong Impression" (2001)
"Beauty on the Fire" (2001)
"Shiver" (2005)
"Counting Down the Days" (2005)
"Glorious" (2007)
"Want" (2009)
"Instant Crush" (2015)

Indigo Girls

Promotional Music Videos
"Land of Canaan" (1987)
"Closer to Fine" (1989)
"Hammer and a Nail" (1990)
"Galileo" (1992)
"Joking" (1992)
"Touch Me Fall" (1994)
"Least Complicated" (1994)
"Power of Two" (1995)
"Reunion" (1995)
"Shame On You" (1997)

Video Releases
Live at the Uptown Lounge VHS (1989), DVD (2004): 1. "Closer to Fine," 2. "Secure Yourself," 3. "Land of Canaan," 4. "Blood and Fire," 5. "Strange Fire," 6. "Prince of Darkness," 7. "Crazy Game," 8. "Kid Fears," 9. "Welcome Me," 10. "Love's Recovery," 11. "Get Together," 12. "All Along The Watchtower."

Watershed: 10 Years of Underground Video (1997): 1. "Closer to Fine," 2. "Hammer and a Nail," 3. "Galileo," 4. "Joking," 5. "Touch Me Fall," 6. "Least Complicated," 7. "Power of Two," 8. "Reunion."

Live at the Fillmore DVD (1999): 1. Program Start, 2. "Go," 3. "Trouble," 4. "Land of Canaan," 5. "Peace Tonight," 6. "Sister," 7. "Get Out the Map," 8. "Scooter Boys," 9. "Cold Beer and Remote Control," 10. "Compromise," 11. "Closer to Fine," 12. "Power of Two," 13. "Shed Your Skin," 14. :Soon Be to Nothing," 15. "Least Complicated," 16. "Faye Tucker," 17. "Shame On You," 18. "Philosophy of Loss," 19. "Galileo," 20. End.

Live at the Roxy DVD (2009)


Promotional Music Videos
"I Hate December" (1995)
"I've Got a Feeling" (1997)
"Edge of the Ocean" (2001)
"Lucy Doesn't Love You" (2001)
"Let's Go to Bed" (2002) (The Cure)
"Thinking About You" (2005)
"Thinking About You" (2006, live)
"Fascinated" (2011)

Wanda Jackson:

"Hard Headed Woman" on Town Hall Party in 1958
"I Gotta Know" on Western Ranch Party in 1958
"Let's Have a Party" live on television
"Cowboy Yodel" live on television
"I Gotta Know" on The Marty Stuart Show
"Thunder on the Mountain"

Video Releases
Wanda Live! At Third Man Records DVD (2011)

Wendy James (Transvision Vamp):

"London's Brilliant"
"Do You Know What I'm Saying"

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts:

Promotional Music Videos
"Bad Reputation" (original version) (dir. David Mallet)
"Bad Reputation" ("concert version" from Urgh! A Music War (1982)
"Do You Wanna Touch Me?" (original video) (dir. David Mallet)
"I Love Rock N' Roll" (original black and white video) (dir. Arnold Levine)
"I Love Rock N' Roll" (color video) (dir. Arnold Levine)
"Crimson and Clover" (original video) (dir. David Mallet)
"Fake Friends" (dir. David Mallet)
"Everyday People" (dir. David Mallet)
"The French Song" (dir. David Mallet)
"Cherry Bomb" (dir. J.J. Martin)
"I Need Someone" (dir. Beth B.)
"I Love You Love Me Love" (dir. David Mallet)
"Good Music" (dir. Jim Hershleder)
"Light of Day" (dir. Rob Cohen) by The Barbusters
"I Hate Myself For Lovin' You" (dir. Jean Pellerin and Doug Freel)
"Little Liar" (original video) (directed by Steve Moss)
"Little Liar" (concert version)
"I Wanna Be Your Dog" (dir. Carl Segal)
"Dirty Deeds" (dir. Mark Ryzeka)
"Love Hurts" (dir. Nancy Donald and Mark Ryzeka)
"Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" (dir. Bryan Hartley)
"Backlash" (dir. Paul Rachman, 1991)
"Don't Surrender" (original video) (dir. Jim Yukich)
"Don't Surrender" (video remix) (dir. Jim Yukich, remix by Carl Segal)
"Only Good Thing" (dir. J.J. Martin)
"Go Home" (dir. Julien Temple)
"Eye to Eye" (dir. Paul Rachman)
"As I Am" (dir. Paul Rachman)
"Fetish" (live)
"I Love Rock N' Roll ('92 version)" (dir. David Mallet)
"Love Is All Around" (dir. Joanne Jucevik)
"Unfinished Business" (dir. Faith Astrada and Maclure)
"Real Wild Child" (dir. John Warden and Pete Konczal)
"Cherry Bomb" (featuring Cherie Currie) (live)
"A.C.D.C." (dir. Greg Olliver)
"Androgynous" (dir. Morgan Higby Night)
"Change the World" (dir. Jesse Terrero)
"Any Weather" (dir Kevin Kerslake)
"TMI" (dir. Krzysztof Wrobel)

Video Releases
Leather & Lace various artists US NTSC VHS (RSVP Music Productions, 1986). Joan Jett & the Blackhearts live performances: "Do You Wanna Touch Me," "Crimson and Clover." The Jett Age Japanese laserdisc (Victor, VILP-44, 1992), NTSC VHS (VIVP-44): Interview; "I Hate Myself For Loving You," Interview "Cherry Bomb," Interview, "Bad Reputation," Interview, "I Love Rock 'n Roll," Interview, "The French Song," Interview, "Little Liar," Interview, "Crimson and Clover," Interview, "Backlash," Interview, "Don't Surrender," Interview, "Love Hurts," Interview, "I Wanna Be Your Dog."

The Jett Age Part II NTSC VHS (Blackheart Home Video, 1995): "Do You Wanna Touch Me?," "Fake Friends," "Everyday People," "I Need Someone," "I Love You Love" (live), "Good Music," "Light of Day," "Dirty Deeds," "The Only Good Thing (You Ever Said Was Goodbye)," "Go Home," "Eye to Eye," The Making of Good Music; "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?," Boardwalk Commercial; Blackheart/MCA Commercial.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: Live! live DVD (BMG, 2001): "Bad Reputation," "Cherry Bomb," "Light of Day," "Crimson and Clover," "I Hate Myself for Loving You," "Love is All Around (Mary Tyler Moore Theme)," "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)," "Roadrunner," "Friend to Friend," "I Love Rock 'N Roll," "Androgynous," "Fetish," "Real Wild Child," "Everyday People." Bonus tracks: "Real Wild Child," "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)."

Real Wild Child: Video Anthology 2-DVD (Blackheart, 2003): "Bad Reputation" (concert version), "Bad Reputation" (original video), "Do You Wanna Touch Me?" (original video), "Do You Wanna Touch Me?" (Top Pop, 1982), "I Love Rock N' Roll" (original video), "I Love Rock N' Roll" (color video), "Crimson and Clover" (original video), "Crimson and Clover" (Top Pop, 1982), Boardwalk Commercial, "Fake Friends," "Everyday People," "The French Song," "Cherry Bomb," "I Need Someone," "I Love You Love Me Love" (original video), "I Love You Love Me Love" (Live NYE '85), Making of the "Good Music" video, "Good Music," "I Hate Myself For Lovin' You," "Little Liar" (original video), "Little Liar" (concert version), "I Wanna Be Your Dog," "Dirty Deeds," "Love Hurts," "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?," "Backlash," "Don't Surrender," "Don't Surrender" (video remix); "Only Good Thing," "Go Home," "Eye to Eye," "As I Am," "Fetish," "Light of Day," "I Love Rock N' Roll ('92 version)," "Love Is All Around," "Unfinished Business," "Real Wild Child," "Cherry Bomb" (featuring Cherie Currie). DVD Bonus Material: Blackheart/MCA Commercial; Projection Background Reel; Fit to Be Tied Commercial (TV ad); Fit to Be Tied Commercial (TV ad).


Video Releases
A Life Unommon DVD (2000)

Live at Humphrey's By the Bay DVD (2004)

The Essential Live Songbook (2008) Blu-Ray/DVD

Grace Jones:

Video Releases
State of Grace VHS (1985)

A One Man Show VHS (1991)

Live in Concert: London & New York City DVD (2010)

Katrina & The Waves:

Video Releases
Waking on Sunshine Video EP VHS (): "Walking On Sunshine," "Red Wine and Whisky," "Is That It?," "Do You Want Crying," "Sun Street," "Que Te Quiero (live)"

The Katydids:

Promotional Music Videos
"Girl in a Jigsaw Puzzle" (1990)
"Lights Out" (1990)
"The Boy Who's Never Found" (1991)
"Some Mysterious Sigh" (1992)


Promotional Music Videos/Live
"Nightlife" (1997)
"In Your Car" (Jools Holland, 1997)
"PVC" live at Reading festival
"People We Want" at Reading festival
"Save Your Kisses for Me" (1998)
"I Would Fix You" (1998)

Kindred Spirit:

Promotional Music Videos/Live
"Here In My Eyes"
"Ask Me No Questions" (live, 1994)
"Here in My Eyes" (live, 1992)


Promotional Music Videos
"Chinatown" (2011)
"Cut it Out" (2012)
"G#" (2012)
"Japanese Eyes" (2012)
"Like a Stranger" (2013)
"Money" (2014)

Lady Gaga:

Cyndi Lauper:

Promotional Music Videos
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" (1983)
"Time After Time" (1983)
"She Bop" (1983)
"Money Changes Everything" (1983)
"Change of Heart" (1986)
"True Colors" (1986)
"What's Going On" (1986)
"Boy Blue" (live, 1986)
"The Goonies 'R' Good Enough" (1988)
"The Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Part 2)" (1988)
"I Drove All Night" (1989)
"Hole in My Heart" (1989)
"A Night to Remember" (1989)
"Heading West" (1989)
"My First Night Without You" (1989)
"Who Let in the Rain" (1993)
"Sally's Pigeons" (1993)
"That's What I Think" (1993)
"Hey Now (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)" (1994)
"I'm Gonna Be Strong" (1994)
"Sisters of Avalon" (1996)
"Ballad of Cleo and Joe" (1996)
"You Don't Know" (1996)
"At Last" (2003)
"Into the Nightlife" (2008)
"The World Is Stone" (2009)

Video Releases
Cyndi Lauper in Paris VHS (1991)

12 Deadly Cyns...and Then Some music videos DVD (1994): 1. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," 2. "Time After Time," 3. "She Bop," 4. "Money Changes Everything" (Live in Houston) , 5. "Change of Heart," 6. "True Colors," 7. "What's Going On," 8. "I Drove All Night," 9. "The World Is Stone," 10. "I'm Gonna Be Strong," 11. "Who Let in the Rain," 12. "That's What I Think," 13. "Sally's Pigeons," 14. "Hey Now (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)."

Live...At Last (2004)

To Memphis with Love (2011)

Annie Lennox:

Promotional Music Videos
"Why" (1992)
"Legend in My Living Room" (1992)
"Money Can't Buy It" (1992)
"Cold" (1992)
"Remember" (unofficial)
"Primitive" (1992)
"The Gift" (1992)
"Keep Young and Beautiful" (1992)
"Walking on Broken Glass" (1992)
"Precious" (1992)
"No More 'I Love You's'" (1995)
"A Whiter Shade of Pale" (1995)
"Something So Right" (1995)
"Waiting in Vain" (1995)
"A Thousand Beautiful Things" (2003)
"Pavement Cracks" (2003)
"Dark Road" (2007)
"Sing" (2007)
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (2010)
"Shining Light" (2014)
"Summertime" (2014)
"Mood Indigo" (2014)
"I Put a Spell on You" (2014)
"Strange Fruit" (2014)
"Georgia On My Mind" (2014)
"September in the Rain" (2014)
"Memphis in June" (2014)
"God Bless the Child" (2014)

Video Releases
Diva VHS (1992): "Why," "Legend in My Living Room," "Money Can't Buy It," "Cold," "Remember" (excerpt), "Primitive," "The Gift," "Keep Young and Beautiful"

A Video Postcard VHS

Live in Central Park DVD (1996)

Live in Poland 1995 DVD (2012)

An Evening of Nostalgia with Annie Lennox DVD (2015)

Letters to Cleo:

Promotional Music Videos
"Cruel to Be Kind"
"I See"
"Here and Now"

L'Homme De Terre (Coventry):

Live performance

The Like:

"What I Say and What I Mean" (2005)
"June Gloom" (2006)
"Wishing He Was Dead" (2010)
"He's Not a Boy" (2010)
"Fair Game" (2010)

Hilda Lizarazu (Argentina, also in May Ray):

Promotional Music Videos
"Esperanza de futbol"
"El Pulso "(Drums & Baires Remix)
"Hace frio ya"
"Futuro Perfecto"
"Milagros en Campana"
"Viaje fantastico"
"Lucia la equilibrista" (2015)

Man Ray from Argentina, with Hilda Lizarazu
"Sola in los bares" by Man Ray
"Olvidate de mi" by Man Ray
"Todo cambia" by Man Ray
"Caribe Sur" by Man Ray
"Empezar de Nuevo" by Man Ray
"Alicia de Moron"
"Desnudate, mire quien sos"
"Vestida ultramar"
"Paso un Angel"
"El comisario Miguel"

Lene Lovich:

Promotional Music Videos
"Lucky Number"
"New Toy"
"Bird Song"
"Angels" (1980)
"Blue Hotel"
"Say When"
"Double, Double, Toil and Trouble" by Kirsten Morrison featuring Lene Lovich
"Blue Hotel"
"It's You, Only You"
"Make Believe" (1989)
"Don't Kill the Animals" with Nina Hagen

Video Releases
Live From New York at Studio 54 DVD (2007)

Lydia Lunch:

"Boy/Girl" (1984) by Sort Sol featuring Lydia Lunch
"Death Valley '69" (1985) by Sort Sol featuring Lydia Lunch
"Gloomy Sunday"

Video Releases
Malicious Intent VHS ()

The Gun is Loaded VHS (1998), DVD (2009)

Willing Victim DVD (2005)

Video Hysterie DVD (2008)

Road Rant DVD (2012)


Promotional Music Videos
"Sweetness and LIght" (1990)
"De-Luxe" (1991)
"Nothing Natural" (1991)
"For Love" (1991)
"Superblast!" (1992)
"Hypocrite" (1994)
"Desire Lines" (1994)
"Undertow" (1994)
"Single Girl" (1996)
"Ladykillers" (1996)
"500 (Shake Baby Shake)" (1996)
"500 (Shake Baby Shake)" (version 2, 1996)

Kirsty MacColl:

Promotional Music Videos
"A New England" (1985)
"There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis"
"Fairytale of New York" with The Pogues
"Walking Down Madison" (1991)
"Free World"
"Don't Come the Cowboy with Me, Sonny Jim"
"All I Ever Wanted"
"Can't Stop Killing You"
"In These Shoes?"
"Mambo de la Luna"
"Miss Otis Regrets" with The Pogues

Martha & The Muffins:

Promotional Music Videos
"Echo Beach" (1980)
"Song in My Head" (1985)
"Black Stations, White Stations"
"Cooling the Medium"

Marine Research:

Promotional Music Videos
"Queen B"
"Parallel Horizontal"

Mazzy Star:

Promotional Music Videos
"Into Dust" (1993)
"Fade Into You" (1994)
"Halah" (1995)
"Flowers in December" (1996)
"I've Been Let Down" (1996)
"Look On Down From the Bridge" (1996)
"California" (2013)
"I'm Less Here" (2014)

Loreena McKennitt:

Promotional Music Videos
"All Soul's Night"
"The Mummer's Dance"

Sarah McLachlan:

Promotional Music Videos
"Vox" (1988)
"Ben's Song" (1988)
"The Path of Thorns (Terms)" (1991)
"Into the Fire" (1991)
"Drawn to the Rhythm" (1992)
"Possession" (1993)
"I Will Remember You" (1995)
"Building a Mystery" (1997)
"Sweet Surrender" (1998)
"Adia" (1998)
"Angel" (1998)
"Hold On" (1999)
"Fallen" (2003)
"Stupid" (2004)
"World on Fire" (2004)
"River" (2006)
"Wintersong" (2006)
"U Want Me 2" (2008)
"Loving You Is Easy" (2010)
"Monsters" (2014)
"In Your Shoes" (2014)

Natalie Merchant:

Promotional Music Videos
"Carnival" (1995)
"Wonder" (1996)
"Jealousy" (1996)
"Kind and Generous" (1998)
"Break Your Heart" (1998)
"Just Can't Last" (2001)
"The King of China's Daughter" (2010)
"Equestrienne" (2010)
"Lulu" (2014)
"Ladybird" (2014)
"Giving Up Everything" (2014)

Video Releases
1998 Opelia VHS

1999 Live in Concert DVD:

2001 Natalie Merchant: VH1 Storytellers

2015 Paradise is There: The New Tigerlilly Recordings - A Film Memoir by Natalie Merchant

Merry Wives of Windsor:

"Paddy Murphy"
"Come Roll Me Away"
"Look But Do Not Touch"/"Let's Drink"
"What Do You Do With a Drunken Barmaid?"

Missing Persons:

Promotional Music Videos
"Destination Unknown"
"Mental Hopscotch"
"Noticeable One"
"Windows" (1983)
"Right Now"
"I Can't Think About Dancing"
"Walking in L.A."


Promotional Music Videos
"White Mice"

Patricia Morrison:

Videowave interview (1988)
The Tiki Nightmare interview
Super Channel Countdown interview (1988)
"Plan 9 Channel 7" live with the Damned (1996)

The Motels:

Promotional Music Videos
"Only the Lonely"
"Suddenly Last Summer"
"Take the L"
"Danger" (1980)
"Remember the Nights" (1983)
"Shock" (1985)
"Icy Red" (1985)
"Forever Mine"
"Closets and Bullets"

Motorcycle Boy:

Promotional Music Videos
"Trying to Be Kind" (1989)

Alison Moyet:

Promotional Music Videos
"All Cried Out" (1984)
"Love Letters" (1987)
"When I Was Your Girl"
"Love Resurrection"
"Whispering Your Name"
"Is This Love"
"Love Reign Supreme"

The Muffs:

Promotional Music Videos
"New Love" (1991)
"Lucky Guy" (1993)
"Sad Tomorrow" (1995)
"Oh Nina" (1995)
"Really Really Happy" (2004)
"Don't Pick on Me" (2004)
"Kids in America" (2007)
"Weird Boy Next Door" (2014)


Promotional Music Videos
"I'll Be Your Mirror"

No Doubt:

Promotional Music Videos
"Don't Speak"
"Just a Girl"
"Sunday Morning"
"Settle Down"
"Hey Baby"
"Hella Good"
"It's My Life"
"Oi to the World"
"Trapped in a Box"
"Simple Kind of Life"
"Underneath It All"
"Excuse Me Mr."


Promotional Music Videos
"Immitating Angels"
"Sad and Damned"

Sinead O'Connor:

Promotional Music Videos
"Troy" (1987)
"Mandinka" (1987)
"I Want Your (Hands On Me" (1988)
"Jeruslaem" (1988)
""Nothng Compares 2 U" (1989)
"The Emperor's New Clothes" (1990)
"Don't Cry For Me Argentina" (1992)
"The Foggy Dew" with the Chieftains (1995)
"Haunted" with Shane McGowan (1995)
"This is a Rebel Song" (1997)
"This is To Mother You" (1997)
"1000 Mirrors" (2003) by Asian Dub Foundation featuring Sinead O'Connor
"Chiquitita" (2003)
"No Man's Woman" (2000)
"Jealous" (2000)
"Molly Malone" (2002)
"The Singing Bird" (2002)
"My Lagan Love" (2002)
"Peggy Gordon" (2002)
"Moorlough Shore" (2002)
"Oro Se do Bheatha Bhaile" (2002)
"The Wolf is Getting Married" (2012)
"4th and Vine" (2012)
"Take Me to Church" (2014)
"8 Good Reasons" (2014)

Video Releases
The Value of Ignroance live VHS/laserdisc (1989): "Jackie" "Just Like You Said It Would Be" "Mandinka," "Just Call Me Joe," "Never Get Old," "Jerusalem," "Troy," "I Am Stretched On Your Grave." Note: Recorded 1988.

The Year of the Horse live VHS/laserdisc (1991): "Feel So Different," "The Emperor's New Clothes," "I Want Your (Hands On Me)," "Three Babies," "Black Boys on Mopeds," "Irish Ways," "I Am Stretched On Your Grave," "The Last Day of Our Acquaintance," "Nothing Compares 2 U," "Jump in the River," "Jerusalem," "Troy." Note: Recorded 1990.

Goodnight, Thank You You've Been a Lovely Audience: Live in Dublin live DVD (2002): "Molly Malone," "Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile," "Singing Bird," "My Lagan Love," "I Am Stretched On Your Grave," "Nothing Compares 2 U," "John I Love You," "The Moorlough Shore," "You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart," "Paddy's Lament," "Thank You For Hearing Me," "Fire On Babylon," "The Last Day of Our Acquaintance."

The Value of Ignroance + The Year of the Horse live DVD (2003): The Value Of Ignorance (1988):"Jackie" "Just Like You Said It Would Be" "Mandinka," "Just Call Me Joe," "Never Get Old," "Jerusalem," "Troy," "I Am Stretched On Your Grave." The Year of the Horse (1990): "Feel So Different," "The Emperor's New Clothes," "I Want Your (Hands On Me)," "Three Babies," "Black Boys on Mopeds," "Irish Ways," "I Am Stretched On Your Grave," "The Last Day of Our Acquaintance," "Nothing Compares 2 U," "Jump in the River," "Jerusalem," "Troy."

Yoko Ono:

Promotional Music Videos
"Walking on Thin Ice"
"Mrs. Lennon"


Promotional Music Videos
"Happy Nightmare Baby"
"Soul Giver" (unofficial)

Pale Saints:

Promotional Music Videos
"Blue Flower"
"Kinky Love"
"Fine Friend"
"Half Life"
"Throwing Back the Apple"
"Time Thief"

The Pandoras:

Promotional Music Videos
"Want Need Love"
"It's About Tiime"
"Run Down Love Battery"
"You Don't Satisfy"
"Hot Generation"
Live show at the Casbah in San Diego Jun 26, 2015

Liz Phair:

Promotional Music Videos
"Stratford-On-Guy" (1993)
"Never Said" (1993)
"Whip-Smart" (1994)
"Supernova" (1994)
"Jealousy" (1995)
"Rocket Boy" (1996)
"Polyester Bride" (1998)
"Why Can't I?" (2003)
"Everything to Me" (2005)
"And He Slayed Her" (2010)


Promotional Music Videos


Promotional Music Videos
"Judy" (2005)
""Dirty Mind" (2005)
"ABC" (2005)
"Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me" (2006)
"Pull Shapes" (2006)
"Because It's Not Love" (It's Still a Feeling)" (2006)
"Stop the Music" (2010)
"Call Me" (2010)
"Boo Shuffle" (2011)

The Plasmatics:

Promotional Music Videos
"The Damned"
"Butcher Baby"
"Master Plan"

The Pleasure Seekers:

"Reach Out"


Promotional Music Videos
"Angry Johnny" (1995)
"Trigger Happy Jack" (1995)
"Hello" (1995)
"My Lips Are Sealed"
"September 30, 1955"
"Hey Pretty" (2001)

The Popinjays:

Promotional Music Videos
"Vote Elvis"
"Monster Mouth"

The Pretenders:

Promotional Music Videos
"Brass in Pocket" (1979)
"Kid" (1979)
"Stop Your Sobbing" (1979)
"Message of Love" (1981)
"I Go to Sleep" (1981)
"Back on the Chain Gang" (1982)
"Middle of the Road" (1984)
"Thin Line Between Love and Hate" (1984)
"I Got You Babe" (1985) by UB40 featuring Chrissie Hynde
"Don't Get Me Wrong" (1986)
"Hymn to Her" (1986)
"My Baby" (1986)
"Breakfast in Bed" (1988)
"Talk of the Town" (1990)
"Sense of Purpose" (1990)
"State of Independence" (1991)
"Spiritual High" (1992) by Moodswings featuring Chrissie Hynde
"I'll Stand By You" (1994)
"Night in My Veins" (1994)
"2000 Miles" (1995)
"Human" (1999)
"Popstar" (1999)
"Boots of Chinese Plastic" (2008)

Video Releases
Loose in L.A. DVD (2003): "Lie To Me," "Time," "Message of Love," "My Baby," "Talk of the Town," "You Know Who Your Friends Are," "Time the Avenger," "The Homecoming," "Up the Neck," "Fools Must Die," "My City Was Gone," "The Losing," "Biker," "Complex Person," "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart," "Back On the Chain Gang," "Don't Get Me Wrong," "Kid," "Rebel Rock Me," "Night in My Veins," "Tattooed Love Boy," "Precious," "I'll Stand By You," "Middle of the Road," "Mystery Achievement," "Brass in Pocket," "You Know Who Your Friends Are."

Greatest Hits DVD (2005): Brass in Pocket, Message of Love, Don't Get Me Wrong, Kid, Human, I Go To Sleep, I Got You Babe, Night in My Veins, Spiritual High, Talk of the Town, Stop Your Sobbing, Hymn To Her, 2000 Miles, Breakfast in Bed, Popstar, Sense of Purpose, Middle of the Road, Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Back on the Chain Gang, I'll Stand By You.

The Primitives:

Promotional Music Videos
"Really Stupid" (directed by Michael Atavar and Donald Guy, 1986)
"Thru the Flowers" (directed by Michael Atavar/Donald Guy, 1987)
"Stop Killing Me" (1987)
"Crash" (directed by Michael Atavar and Donald Guy, 1988)
"Out of Reach" (directed by Michael Atavar and Donald Guy, 1988)
"Way Behind Me" (directed by Tim Broad, 1988)
"Sick Of It" (directed by Michael Atavar and Donald Guy, 1989)
"Secrets" (directed by Michael Atavar and Donald Guy, 1989)
"You Are the Way" (1991)
"Earth Thing" (directed by Michael Atavar and Donald Guy, 1991)
"Rattle My Cage" (directed by Samantha Cobb, 2011)
"The Witch" (directed by Paul Court, 2011)
"Turn Off the Moon" (directed by Chris Croft, 2012)
"Panic" (directed by Chris Croft, 2012)
"I'm Not Sayin' " (directed by Chris Croft, 2012)
"Sunshine in My Rainy Day Mind" (directed by Chris Croft, 2012)
"You Trashed My Christmas" (directed by Chris Croft, 2012)
"Lose the Reason" (directed by Chris Croft, 2013)
"Spin-O-Rama" (directed by Chris Croft, 2014)

Video Releases
1988 The Weekender UK PAL VHS (Sony), with "Crash."

1988 The Hits Video 8 UK PAL VHS (CBS/WEA), with "Crash."

1989 RCA Records Post Modern Comp Reel #3 promotional US NTSC VHS (RCA), with "Sick Of It."

1989 Secrets promotional US NTSC VHS (RCA), with "Secrets."

Psycho Sisters:

Live Music Videos
"Fun to Lie" live Aug 3, 2014 at Wild Honey Summer Fall Concert Series: Backyard/Patio Show #1: Wild Honey Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA, US)

"Heather Says" live Aug 3, 2014, at Wild Honey Summer Fall Concert Series: Backyard/Patio Show #1: Wild Honey Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA, US)

"When You Dance I Can Really Love" (Neil Young) live Oct 23, 2015 at the Wood House, St. Louis, MO, US

"When You Dance I Can Really Love" (Neil Young) live Oct 25, 2015, at The Reverb Lounge, Omaha, NB, US)

Pussy Riot:

Promotional Music Videos
"I Can't Breathe"
"Putin Lights Up the Fires"
"Putin Will Teach You How to Love"

Racine (Wendy James, Transvision Vamp):

Promotional Music Videos
"Grease Monkey"

The Raincoats:

Promotional Music Videos
"Don't Be Mean"
"Only Loved at Night"
"Feminist Song" (live, 2010)


Promotional Music Videos
"Ready to Go" (1996)
"Christiana Obey" (2013)

Romeo Void:

Promotional Music Videos
"Never Say Never"
"A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)"


Promotional Music Videos
"Tiny Meat"
"Salt Water Fish"

The Runaways:

Promotional Music Videos
"Cherry Bomb"
"Saturday Night Special"
"Mama Weer All Crazee Now"

Video Releases
Live in Japan (unofficial, 1977): C'Mon; Queens of Noise; California Paradise; You Drive Me Wild; All Right You Guys; I Love Playin' with Fire; Wild Thing; Rock and Roll; Neon Angels on the Road to Ruin; Cherry Bomb; Blackmail; I Want to Be Where the Boys Are; American Nights; Secrets

Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways (2004): documentary directed by Victory Tischler-Blue

The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder: Punk & New Wave DVD (2006): Oct 11, 1977 broadcast with Joan Jett/Kim Fowley

The Runaways (2010): film directed by Floria Sigismondi, starring Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett, Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie

St. Etienne:

Promotional Music Videos
"Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
"Kiss and Make Up"
"Nothing Can Stop Us"
"You're In a Bad Way"
"Like a Motorway"
"La Poupee Qui Fait Non (No, No, No, No, No)"
"Side Streets"
"I've Got Your Music"

St. Vincent:

Promotional Music Videos
"Jesus Saves, I Spend" (2007)
"Actor Out of Work" (2009)
"Marrow" (2009)
"Laughing with a Mouth of Blood" (2009)
"Cruel" (2011)
"Cheerleader" (2011)
"Surgeon" (2011)
"Chloe in the Afternoon" (2011)
"Who" with David Byrne (2012)
"Digital Witness"(2014)
"Birth in Reverse" (2014)


Promotional Music Videos
"Diminished Clothes" (1993)
"On a Leash" (1994)
"Your Ma" (1994)
"Motorbike to Heaven" (1995)
"Granite Statue" (1995)
"Drink the Elixir" (1995)
"Dream a Little Dream" (1995) by Terry Hall and Salad
"I Want You" (1996)
"Cardboy King" (1997)

Santa Dog:

Promotional Music Videos
"Big Bang"
"Belle De Jour"

The Secret Goldfish:

Promotional Music Videos
"Dandelion Milk Summer"
"Pink Drone"
"Give Him a Great Big Kiss"

Shallow (The Capsules):

Promotional Music Videos
"Cool 500"


Promotional Music Videos
"Bouffant Headbutt" (1993)
"Trouble" (dir. Eric S. Koziol, 1994)
"Viva la Megababes" (1994)
"Delicious" (dir. Dwight Clarke, 1995)
"Trouble" (second version, 1995)
"Shampoo You" (Japanese, 1995)
"Girl Power" (1995)
"War Paint" (1995)
"I Know What Boys Like" (1996)

Video Releases
We Are Shampoo Japanese NTSC VHS video (PMI, TOVW-3209, 1995): "Bouffant Headbutt," "Trouble," "Viva La Megababes," "Delicious," "Trouble" (Top of the Pops), "Shampoo You" (Special Version for Japan); "Trouble" (Karaoke Version); "Delicious" (Karaoke Version).

Power Girls PAL DVD (2002) with "Trouble"

The Greatest Nineties UK PAL DVD (EMI, 492 9629, 2002). Shampoo video: "Trouble."

The Shangri-Las:

Shonen Knife:

Promotional Music Videos
"Redd Kross"
"It's a New Find"
"Top of the World"
"Riding on the Rocket"
"Bad Luck Song"
"Like a Cat"

Shop Assistants:

Promotional Music Videos
"Safety Net" (1985)
"I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You" (1986)

Video Releases
Suck (A Multinational) PAL VHS (1986) with "Safety Net"

Gimme Shelter PAL VHS (1987) with "I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You"


"Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal"
"Damn Fine Woman"


Promotional Music Videos
"Feels Like Summer"

Siouxsie & The Banshees:

Promotional Music Videos
"Hong Kong Garden" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1978)
"The Staircase (Mystery)" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1979)
"Playground Twist" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1979)
"Happy House" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1980)
"Christine" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1980)
"Red Light" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1980)
"Israel" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1980)
"Spellbound" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1981)
"Arabian Knights" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1981)
"Fireworks" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1982)
"Slowdive" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1982)
"Dear Prudence" (directed by Tim Pope, 1983)
"Swimming Horses" (directed by Tim Pope, 1984)
"Dazzle" (directed by Tim Pope, 1984)
"Cities in Dust" (directed by Tim Pope, 1985)
"Candyman" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1986)
"This Wheel's On Fire" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1987)
"The Passenger" (directed by Clive Richardson, 1987)
"Song from the Edge of the World" (dir. by Clive Richardson, 1987)
"Peek-a-Boo" (directed by Peter Scammell, 1988)
"The Killing Jar" (directed by Peter Scammell, 1988)
"The Last Beat of My Heart" (directed by Peter Scammell, 1988)
"Kiss Them for Me" (directed by Peter Scammell, 1991)
"Shadowtime" (directed by Peter Scammell, 1991)
"Fear (Of the Unknown)" (directed by Peter Scammell, 1991)
"Face to Face" (directed by Neil Abramson, 1992)
"O Baby" (directed by John Hillcoat, 1995)
"Stargazer" (directed by John Hillcoat, 1995)

Video Releases
Once Upon a Time: The Videos/Video 45 VHS (1983) UK/PAL (Polygram, CMV 1040), US/NTSC (Geffen, 791 506 2): "Hong Kong Garden," "The Staircase (Mystery)," "Playground Twist," "Happy House," "Christine," "Red Light," "Israel," "Spellbound," "Arabian Knights."

Nocturne: Royal Albert Hall 9/30-10/1, 1983 UK VHS (Polygram, 040 191 2, 1983)/US VHS (Music Media, M458, 1983): "Israel," "Cascade," "Melt!," "Pulled to Bits," "Night Shift," "Sin in My Heart," "Painted Bird," "Switch," "Eve White/Eve Black," "Voodoo Dolly," "Spellbound," "Helter Skelter." EU DVD (Universal, 0602498305171) issued in 2006 (Region 0).

Twice Upon a Time UK VHS (Polygram, 080 724-3, 1992)/US VHS (Geffen, GEFV-39519, 1992): "Fireworks," "Slowdive," "Dear Prudence" (The Beatles), "Dazzle," "Cities in Dust," "Candyman," "This Wheel's On Fire" (The Band), "The Passenger" (Iggy Pop), "Peek-a-Boo," "The Killing Jar," "The Last Beat of My Heart," "Kiss Them For Me," "Shadowtime," "Fear (Of the Unknown) (Extended Version)," "Face to Face."

The Seven Year Itch Live: Shepherds Bush Empire, London, July 9th and 10th UK DVD (Sanctuary, SVED3025, 2003)/US DVD (Sanctuary, 06076-88349-9, 2003): "Pure," "Jigsaw Feeling," "Metal Postcard," "Red Light," "Happy House," "Christine," "Lullaby," "Land's End," "Cities in Dust," "I Could Be Again," "Icon," "Night Shift," "Voodoo Dolly," "Spellbound," "Blue Jay Way" (The Beatles), "Monitor," "Peek-a-Boo."

At the BBC UK 3 CD/1 DVD collection (Polydor, 5315761, 2009). DVD: The Old Grey Whistle Test, Nov 7, 1978: "Metal Postcard" "Jigsaw Feeling." Top of the Pops, Jul 12, 1979: "Playground Twist." Something Else, Nov 3, 1979: "Love in a Void," "Regal Zone." Top of the Pops, Apr 19, 1980: "Happy House." Something Else, Dec 15, 1980: "Israel," "Tenant." Rock Goes to College, Mar 9, 1981: "Israel," "Spellbound," "Arabian Knights," "Halloween," "Night Shift," "But Not Them," "Voodoo Dolly," "Eve White/Eve Black." Top of the Pops, Jun 4, 1981: "Spellbound." Top of the Pops, Jun 3, 1982: "Fireworks." The Old Grey Whistle Test, Nov 12, 1982: "Melt!," "Painted Bird." Oxford Road Show, Dec 3, 1982: "Melt," "Overground." Top of the Pops, Sep 29, 1983: "Dear Prudence," "Swimming Horses." The Old Grey Whistle Test, Oct 29, 1985: "Cities in Dust," "Land's End." Top of the Pops, Jan 22, 1987: "This Wheel's On Fire." Top of the Pops, Jul 28, 1988: "Peek-A-Boo." Top of the Pops, May 30, 1991: "Kiss Them For Me."

Siouxsie Sioux:

Promotional Music Videos
"Into a Swan" (2007)
"Here Comes That Day" (2007)

Video Releases
Dreamshow: Live at the Royal Festival Hall with the Millennia Ensemble UK DVD (Demon Vision, DEMONDVDX001, 2007)/US DVD (Rhino/WEA, 2007): "Say Yes!," "Around the World," "Seven Tears," "Godzilla!," "Standing There," "Miss the Girl," "Dear Prudence," "Christine," "Killing Time," "Obsession," "Shooting Sun," "Kiss Them For Me," "The Rapture," "But Not Them," "Weathercade," "Prettiest Thing," "Take Mine," "Pinned Down," "Trust in Me," "Another Planet," "2nd Floor," "Happy House," "Not Forgotten," "Face to Face," "Cities in Dust," "Spellbound," "Peek-a-Boo." Also includes Live at The 100 Club, October 7, 2004.

Finale: The Last Mantaray & More Show PAL DVD (Freemantle Media, 5 030697 015907, 2008): "They Follow You," "About to Happen," "Hong Kong Garden," "Dear Prudence," "Right Now," "Sea of Tranquility," "Christine," "Happy House," "One Mile Below," "Into a Swan," "Israel," "Arabian Knights," "Here Comes That Day," "Hello, I Love You," "If It Doesn't Kill You," "Night Shift," "Loveless," "These Boots Are Made For Walking," "Spellbound," "Nicotine Stain," "Cish Cash," "Swansway/Reprise."

Skeletal Family:

Promotional Music Videos
"Promised Land"


Promotional Music Videos
"Get Up" (1999)
"You're No Rock n Roll Fun" (2000)
"Entertain" (2005)
"Modern Girl" (2005)
"Jumpers" (2005)
"Bury Our Friends" featuring Miranda July (2014)
"A New Wave" (2015)
"No Cities to Love" (2015)


Promotional Music Videos
"Inbetweener" (1995)
"What Do I Do Now?" (1995)
"Statuesque" (1996)
"Sale of the Century" (1996)

The Slits:

Promotional Music Videos
"Typical Girls"
"Typical Girls"
"Spend Spend Spend"
"Instant Hit"

Patti Smith:

Promotional Music Videos

Video Releases
Dream of Life DVD (2007)

Live at Montreux DVD (2012)

Hell Hath No Fury (2015)

Strawberry Switchblade:

Promotional Music Videos
"Since Yesterday"
"Let Her Go"
"Who Knows What Love Is"

Stretch Princess:

Promotional Music Videos

The Sugarcubes (Sykurmolarnir):

Promotional Music Videos
"Birthday" (English) (1987)
"Birthday" (Icelandic) (1987)
"Cold Sweat" (1988)
"Motorcrash" (1988)
"Deus" (1988)
"Regina" (1988)
"Luftgitar" by The Sugarcubes & Johnny Triumph (1988)
"Planet" (1989)
"Hit" (1991)
"Walkabout" (1992)
"Vitamin" (1992)

Video Releases
Murder and Killing in Hell live VHS ()

Sugarcubes: The DVD (1989)

Live Zabor DVD (2004)

The Sundays:

Promotional Music Videos
"Can't Be Sure" (1989)
"Here's Where the Story Ends" (1990)
"Joy" (1990)
"Goodbye" (1992)
"Love" (1992)
"Wild Horses" (1993)
"Summertime" (1997)
"Cry" (1997)

Video Releases
Carry On Disarming PAL VHS with "Can't Be Sure"
86A Progressive NTSC VHS with "Here's Where the Story Ends"
Indie Top Video Take Four PAL VHS with "Joy"
Rock Video Monthly (May, 1993) with "Wild Horses"

Rachel Sweet:

"Baby Let's Play House" (1979)
"Then He Kissed Me"/""Be My Baby" (1981)
"Then He Kissed Me"/"Be My Baby" (1981)
"Voo Doo"
"I Go to Pieces"
"Hairspray" (1988)

Video Releases
The Story of MusikLaden No. 2 1976-1980 DVD with "B-A-B-Y" and "Baby Let's Play House"
The Story of MusikLaden No. 3 1981-1984 DVD with "...And Then He Kissed Me"/"Be My Baby"

Switchblade Symphony/Tre Lux:

Promotional Music Videos
"Into the Sky"

Video Releases
Goth Box VHS (1996)/DVD (2002) with "Clown"

Talulah Gosh:

Promotional Music Videos
"Talulah Gosh"

Video Releases
Gimme Shelter PAL VHS (1987) with "Talulah Gosh"

Tegan and Sara:

Promotional Music Videos
"Goodbye, Goodbye"
"I Was a Fool"
"Now I'm All Messed Up"
"Back in Your Head"
"Feel It in My Bones" by Tiesto featuring Tagan & Sara
"Body Work" by Morgan Page featuring Tegan and Sara
"Call it Off"
"The Con"
"Speak Slow"
Chapter VI: "Back in Your Head"
Chapter VII: "Hop a Plane"
Chapter IX: "Burn Your Life Down"
Chapter XI: "Nineteen"
Chapter XIV: "Call it Off"
"The Con"
"Like O, Like H"

Video Releases
Digital Rock Vision 4 PAL DVD with "Monday Monday Monday"

Tiesto - Copenhagen (Elements of Life World Tour 2007-2008) DVD with "Back in Your Head" (Tiesto Remix)

10,000 Maniacs:

Promotional Music Videos
"Don't Talk" (1987)
"Like the Weather" (1987)
"What's The Matter Here?" (1987)
"Trouble Me" (1989)
"You Happy Puppet" (1989)
"Candy Everybody Wants" (1992)
"These Are Days" (1992)
"More Than This" (Mary Ramsey vocals, 1997)

MTV Unplugged
"Because the Night"
"These Are Days"
"Hey Jack Kerouac"

Video Releases
Time Capsule: Filmed 1982-1990 VHS (1990)/DVD (2004): Hope Chest 1982-1983: "National Education Week," "Tension," "Pit Viper." The Wishing Chair 1985: "Scorpio Rising," "Maddox Table," "My Mother the War." In My Tribe 1987: "Don't Talk," "Wildwood Flower," "Like the Weather," "I Have Dreams," "What's The Matter Here?" Blind Man's Zoo 1989: "Hateful Hate," "Trouble Me," "Eat For Two," "Dust Bowl," "Hello In There," "You Happy Puppet."

MTV Unplugged VHS (1994): "Noah's Dove," "These Are Days," "Eat For Two," "Candy Everybody Wants," "I'm Not the Man," "Don't Talk," "Hey Jack Kerouac," "What's the Matter Here?," "Gold Rush Brides," "Like the Weather," "Trouble Me," "Jezebel," "Stockton Gala Days," "Because the Night," "Let the Mystery Be," "Jolene," "Dallas.."

Tender Trap:

Promotional Music Videos
"Step One"

The Textones:

"Standing in the Line" (live 2012)

This Mortal Coil:

Promotional Music Videos
"Song to the Siren," vocals by Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins)

Throwing Muses:

Promotional Music Videos
"Fish" (1987)
"Dizzy" (1989)
"Counting Backwards" (1991)
"Not Too Soon" (1991)
"Bright Yellow Gun" (1994)
"Shark" (1996)

Tiger Trap (Rose Melberg):

Promotional Music Videos
"Sour Grass"
Live, 1993
"Sour Grass" (live)
"Words and Smiles" (live)

The Ting Tings:

Promotional Music Videos
"That's Not My Name"
"That's Not My Name" (alternate)
"Shut Up and Let Me Go"
"We Walk"
"Do It Again"
"Wrong Club"
"Be the One"
"Hang It Up"
"Great DJ"
"Happy Birthday" (Altered Images)

Transvision Vamp:

Promotional Music Videos
"Revolution Baby" (1988)
"Revolution Baby" (original version, 1988)
"Tell That Girl to Shut Up" (1988)
"I Want Your Love" (1988)
"Sister Moon" (1988)
"Sister Moon" (original, 1988)
"Baby I Don't Care" (1989)
"The Only One" (1989)
"Landslide of Love" (1989)
"Born to Be Sold" (1989)
"(I Just Wanna) B With U" (1991)
"If Looks Could Kill" (1991)

Video Releases
Pop Art: The Video Singles VHS (PAL, 1988): 1. "Revolution Baby," 2. "Tell That Girl to Shut Up," 3. "I Want Your Love," 4. "Sister Moon"

The Velveteen Singles VHS (PAL, 1989): 1. "Baby I Don't Care," "2. The Only One," "Landslide of Love," "Born to Be Sold"

If Looks Could Kill VHS (PAL/NTSC, 1991): 1. "(I Just Wanna) B With U," 2. "Tell That Girl To Shut Up," 3. "Baby I Don't Care," 4. "I Want Your Love," 5. "If Looks Could Kill"

Kiss Their Sons: The Video Collection VHS (PAL, 1998): 1. "I Want Your Love" (Dir. Tony Vanden Ende), 2. "Revolution Baby" (Dir. Tony Vanden Ende), 3. "Baby I Don't Care" (Dir. Tony Vanden Ende), 4. "Tell That Girl To Shut Up" (Dir. Tony Vanden Ende), 5. "The Only One" (Dir. Tony Vanden Ende), 6. "Born To Be Sold" (Dir. Tim Broad), 7. "(I Just Wanna) B With U" (Dir. Claudia Castle), 8. "If Looks Could Kill" (Dir. Tony Vanden Ende), 9. "Sister Moon" (Dir. Tony Vanden Ende), 10. "Landslide of Love" (Dir. Tony Vanden Ende)

Kathy Valentine (The Go-Go's, The Delphines):

Velocity Girl:

Promotional Music Videos
"Crazy Town (1993)
"Audrey's Eyes" (1993)
"Sorry Again" (1994)
"I Can't Stop Smiling" (1994)
"Nothing" (1996)

Suzanne Vega:

Promotional Music Videos
"Marlene on the Wall" (Dir. Leslie Liebman, 1985)
"Left of Center" (Dir. Ken Ross and Richard Levine, 1986)
"Luka" (Dir. Candace Reckinger and Michael Patterson, 1987)
"Solitude Standing" (Dir. Jonathan Demme, 1987)
"Book of Dreams" (Dir. Andrew Doucette and Geof Kern, 1990)
"Men in a War" (Dir. Paula Greif, 1990)
"Tired of Sleeping" (Dir. Tarsem Singh, 1990)
"Tom's Diner" (Dir. Gareth Roberts)
"Tom's Diner" by DNA featuring Suzanne Vega (1990)
"Blood Makes Noise" (Dir. Nico Beyer, 1992)
"In Liverpool" (Dir. Howard Greenhalgh, 1992)
"99.9F" (Dir. Nico Beyer, 1992)
"When Heroes Go Down" (Dir. Peter Care, 1992)
"Caramel" (Dir. Charles Whittenmeier, 1996)
"No Cheap Thrill" (Dir. David Cameron, 1996)
"Book and a Cover" (Dir. Geoff Moore, 1998)
"Last Year's Troubles" (Dir. Tim Vega, 2001)
"Gypsy" (Dir. Dominic Brigstocke)

Video Releases
Live at the Royal Albert Hall live VHS (NTSC, 1987): 1. "Some Journey," 2. "Small Blue Thing," 3. "Luka," 4. "Language," 5. "Cracking," 6. "Straight Lines," 7. "Marlene on the Wall," 8. "Left of Center," 9. "Neighborhood Girls," 10. "Tom's Diner."

The Video Singles VHS (PAL): 1. "Book of Dreams," 2. "Tired of Sleeping," 3. "Men in a War," 4. "Luka," 5. "Solitude Standing," 6. "Left of Center," 7. "Gypsy," 8. "Marlene on the Wall."

Retrospective: The Videos of Suzanne Vega DVD (NTSC, 2005): 1. "Marlene on the Wall" (Dir. Leslie Liebman), 2. "Left of Center" (Dir. Ken Ross and Richard Levine), 3. "Luka" (Dir. Candace Reckinger and Michael Patterson), 4. "Solitude Standing" (Dir. Jonathan Demme), 5. "Book of Dreams" (Dir. Andrew Doucette and Geof Kern), 6. "Men in a War" (Dir. Paula Greif), 7. "Tired of Sleeping" (Dir. Tarsem Singh), 8. "Tom's Diner" (Dir. Gareth Roberts), 9. "Blood Makes Noise" (Dir. Nico Beyer), 10. "In Liverpool" (Dir. Howard Greenhalgh), 11. "99.9F°" (Dir. Nico Beyer), 12. "When Heroes Go Down" (Dir. Peter Care), 13. "Caramel" (Dir. Charles Whittenmeier), 14. "No Cheap Thrill" (Dir. David Cameron), 15. "Book and a Cover" (Dir. Geoff Moore), 16. "Last Year's Troubles" (Dir. Tim Vega)

Live at Montreux 2004 live DVD (2005): 1. "99.9F," 2. "Marlene on the Wall," 3. "Caramel," 4. "When Heroes Go Down," 5. "Gypsy," 6. "(I'll Never Be Your) Maggie May," 7. "Penitent," 8. "Solitaire," 9. "Left of Center," 10. "The Queen and the Soldier," 11. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who), 12. Solitude Standing, 13. Blood Makes Noise, 14. In "Liverpool," 15. "Luka," 16. "Tom's Diner," 17. "Calypso," 18. "Have You Met Miss Jones."

Gold: The Videos DVD (2007): 1. "Tired of Sleeping, 2. "Left of Center," 3. "Book of Dreams," 4. "Solitude Standing," 5. "Tom's Diner," 6. "99.9F," 7. "In Liverpool," 8. "No Cheap Thrill," 9. "Men in a War," 10. "When Heroes Go Down," 11. "Blood Makes Noise," 12. "Luka," 13. "Last Year's Troubles," 14. "Book and a Cover," 15. "Caramel"

Solitude Standing live DVD (2014)

Veruca Salt:

Promotional Music Videos
"Seether" (1994)
"All Hail Me" (1994)
"Number One Blind" (1994)
"Shutterbug" (1997)
"Volcano Girls" (1997)
"The Museum of Broken Relationships" (2014)
"It's Holy" (2014)
"The Gospel According to Saint Me" (2015)
"Laughing in the Sugar Bowl" (2015)

Voice of the Beehive:

Promotional Music Videos
"I Say Nothing" (version 1, directed by Greg Masuak)
"I Say Nothing" (version 2, directed by Greg Masuak)
"I Walk the Earth" (directed by Tim Pope)
"Don't Call Me Baby" (version 1, directed by Greg Masuak)
"Don't Call Me Baby" (version 2, directed by Greg Masuak)
"Monsters and Angels"
"I Think I Love You"
"Perfect Place" (directed by Greg Masuak, 1991)
"Gimme Shelter" with Jimmy Somerville (1993)
"Angel Come Down" (directed by Greg Masuak)
"So Hard"

Video Releases
1988 Voice of the Beehive Don't Call Me Baby UK PAL video CD (London, 080 484-2). Includes "Don't Call Me Baby" video.

1988 Now You Can See the Music various artists UK PAL video CD (Polygram 080 546-1). Voice of the Beehive video: "Don't Call Me Baby."

1988 Girls Girls Girls: Video Hits 2 UK PAL VHS (Wienerworld WNR1052). Voice of the Beehive video: "Don't Call Me Baby."

Don't Call Me Baby Live live DVD.

Access All Areas CD/DVD.

The Waitresses:

Promotional Music Videos
"I Know What Boys Like"
"No Guilt" (live on Old Grey Whistle Test, 1982)
"I Know What Boys LIke" (live on Old Grey Whistle Test, 1982)

Video Releases

Live At Hurrah DVD (2009)

Sandy West:

Live Music Videos
"Wild Thing," "Attraction," "I Know Where," "Lost in Love's Magic" (live) with with Paul Hone (guitar/vocals), Greg Michaels (guitar), and Ralph Carter (bass) at Blue Moon Studios, Playa Del Rey, 1983

"California Paradise" (live) with Cherie Currie, Mar 17, 1986

"These Boots Are Made For Walking," "Black Leather" (live) with Cherie Currie (vocals), Katt Lowe (vocals/guitar), Ted Venemann (bass), Jerry Venemann (drums), and Dave Krocker (guitar) at Coconut Teaszer, Nov. 11, 2000

Sandy West Band performance at the Sandy West Memorial Tribute Concert at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, on December 9, 2006: "Black Leather," "Sunset Girls" (with Danna Taylor on vocals) "Dirty Magazines," "I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are," "Wild Thing" (with Dian Katz on drums)

Video Releases
2000 Sandy West Band Live from the Whisky, Los Angeles 1984, plus Live from the Coconut Teaszer, 1997 (fan club video cassette)

2008 Real Rock Divas DVD, from Reality Check TV

We've Got A Fuzzbox & We're Gonna Use It!:

See Fuzzbox

Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go's, froSTed):

Promotional Music Videos
"Cool Places" with Sparks (1983)
"Blue Kiss" (1985)
"Rush Hour" (dir. Vaughan and Anthea, 1988)
"Inside a Dream" (1988)
"World on Fire" (dir. Julien Temple, 1990)

X-Mal Deutschland:

Promotional Music Videos
"Mondlicht" (unofficial)

X-Ray Spex:

Promotional Music Videos
"Oh Bondage, Up Yours!"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs:

Promotional Music Videos
"Maps" (2003)
"Y Control" (2003)
"Date With the Night" (2003)
"Pin" (2004)
"Turn Into" (2005)
"Gold Lion" (2006)
"Cheated Hearts" (2006)
"Heads Will Roll" (2009)
"Zero" (2009)
"Skeletons" (2009)
"Sacrilege" (2013)
"Despair" (2013)
"Mosquito" (2013)

Video Releases
Tell Me What Rockers to Swallow live DVD (2004): "Y-Control," "Black Tongue," "Rockers to Swallow," "Down Boy," "Cold LIght," "Machine," "Modern Things," "Cheated Hearts," "Mystery Girl," "Maps," "Date with the Night," "Miles Away," "Poor Song," "Our Time," "Art Star," "Modern Romance." Bonus Songs: "10x10," "Rich," "Black Tongue," "Miles Away," "Tick." Music Videos: "Maps," "Date With the Night," "Pin"

Zoey's Trip:

"I Still Feel the Same"


Not Bad for a Girl documentary (1995, dir. Lisa Rose Apramian), including interviews with members of Babes in Toyland, Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Bulimuia Banquet, Calalmity Jane, Hole, Joan Jett, L7, Lunachicks, The Mudwimin, 7 Year Bitch, Silvervish.

Kiss My Grits: The Herstory of Women in Punk and Hard Rock DVD (2001, dir. Jacqueline Lesko and Bethany Ward-Lawe) including interviews with Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, Paz Lenchantin, Lydia Lunch, Yoko Ono, Siouxsie Sioux, Patti Smith, Tina Weymouth, and Ann Wilson.

Welcome to the Club DVD (2001, dir. Beth Harrington) documentary on the women of rockabilly.

The Best of Musikladen Live: Ladies of Rock DVD (2002).

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