Known Rarities - Audio

The Shop Assistants
Stirling University, April 12, 1985: Something to Do ("Just Practicing"); Something to Do; Safety Net; Somewhere in China; All Of The Time; All Day Long; It's Up to You; All That Ever Mattered ("The Short Version"); Nature Lover; Switzerland (21 minutes).

John Peel Session, October 21, 1985: Almost Made It; Somewhere in China; Safety Net; All That Ever Mattered (10 minutes).

Coventry Polytechnic Feb. 4, 1986: Safety Net; All That Ever Mattered; Looking Back; Fixed Grin; What A Way To Die; All Day Long; Ace of Spades; Almost Made It (23 minutes).

Demo - February, 1986: Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover!) (3 minutes).

ICA, London, June 28, 1986: Almost Made It; All That Ever Mattered; Home Again; Looking Back; Somewhere in China; Before I Wake; What a Way to Die; Fixed Grin; Caledonian Rd.; Train From Kansas City; Switzerland; All Day Long; Safety Net; Something To Do; Nature Lover; Safety Net; Home Again; Switzerland (49 minutes).

ULU, London, October 3, 1986: All Day Long; Home Again; Looking Back; All That Ever Mattered; Unto God; It's Up to You; Fixed Grin; What a Way to Die; Caledonian Rd.; I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You; Seems to Be; Nature Lover; Safety Net; Train From Kansas City; Something to Do; Switzerland (42 minutes).

John Peel Session, December 6, 1986: Fixed Grin; I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You; Ace of Spades; Before I Wake (10 minutes).

Janice Long Session: All of the Time; Home Again; Nature Lover; Looking Back; What a Way to Die (10 minutes).

The Fizzbombs
Janice Long Session: Blue Summer, Cherry Cherry, It's Not As Simple As That, Beach Party.

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