Cover Songs

Songs The Primitives have covered:

The Velvet Underground - "I'll Be Your Mirror" on Pure album (1989)

Iggy Pop/The Stooges - "I Wanna Be Your Dog" on Out of Reach CD single (1988)

Marianne Faithfull/The Rolling Stones - "As Tears Go By" on Sick Of It limited 12" single B-side (1989)

Elvis Presley - "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care" on The Last Temptation of Elvis various artists tribute compilation (1990)

The Nightcrawlers - "Little Black Egg" on Galore album (1992)

Need All the Help I Can Get (Hazlewood) by Suzi Jane Hokom on Never Kill a Secret EP (2011)

Breakaway (Cobb) by Toni Basil on Never Kill a Secret EP (2011)

Can't Stop The Want (Bradley/Mason) by Sandy Sarjeant on Turn Off the Moon digital EP (2012)

Panic (Green/Marchand) by Reparata & the Delrons on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
Turn Off the Moon (Stillman/Harris) by Sue Lyon on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
Move It On Over (Mellon) by LeGrand Mellon on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
Sunshine in My Rainy Day Mind (Newman/Schere) by Polly Niles on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
Till You Say You'll Be Mine (DeShannon) by Jackie DeShannon on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
I'm Not Sayin' (Lightfoot) by Nico on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
The Witch (Dee) by Adam & Eve on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
I Surrender (Koelewijn) by Bonnie St. Claire on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
Amoureux D'une Affiche (Chouchan/Revaux/Monet) by Laura Ulmer on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
Where Will You Be? (Barry/Kim) by Dana Gillespie on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
Single Girl (Sharp) Sandy Posey on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
Who Are You Trying to Fool? (Hamilton/Darrell/Bridgeforth) by Little Ann on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
Time Slips Away (Van Leeuwen) by Shocking Blue on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)
Wild Flower (Kirby) by She Trinity on Echoes and Rhymes album (2012)

Primitives songs covered by other artists:

Henry's Dress - "She Don't Need You" on Cool Beans flexidisc
Los Romeos - "Crash"
Tugboat - "I'll Stick With You"
Coaltar of the Deepers - "Earth Thing" on The Visitors from Deepspace Japanese album (1994)
Mulligan Stu - "Crash" on Mulligan Stu/Teen Idols split US EP (1995)
Daisies - "Crash" on Who Needs America? German various artists compilation (1996)
Mr. T Experience - "Crash" on Before You Were Punk US various artists compilation (1997)
Ann Beretta - "Crash" on Bitter Tongues German album (1997)
The Automatics - "Secrets" on I Wish 7" US EP (2000)
Luna-C - "Crash" on Dancemania Speed 7 Japanese various artists compilation (2001)
Boyracer - "Nothing Left" on To Get a Better Hold You've Got to Loosen Your Grip US album (2002)
El Canto del Loco - "Crash" (in Spanish) on A Contracorriente Spanish album (2002)
Shebang - "Crash" on So Come On Japanese album (2003)
The Popzillas - "Crash" on Tu e l'estate US EP (2004)
Chloe - "Crash" on Crash Australian single (2005)
Uberflussig - "Crash" on Ist Nur Spass, Baby German album (2005)
The Acrobrats - "Crash" on Go Down Swinging US album (2006)
Sandy Molling - "Crash" on Crash German EP (2006)
Lovebites - "Crash" on He's Fit UK single (2006)
Cranial Screwtop - "Crash" on Too Fast for Technology digital download (2007)
Matt Willis - "Crash" on Crash UK single (2007)
The Vibrators - "Crash" on Garage Punk US album (2009)
Belle & Sebastian - "Crash" on Crash limited UK 7" (2012)
Cassolette - "Crash" on Blame the Weatherman US EP (2012)
The Wonderstuff - "Crash" on Oh No It's the Wonderstuff UK album (2013)

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