Known Rarities - Audio

86th Street, Vancouver, BC, July 14, 1991: Intro; I'll Make You Happy; Lay Your Body Down; Boys In Town; Need A Lover; Bullet; Bless My Soul (It's Rock 'n' Roll); Love School; Temperamental; Make Out Alright; Pleasure And Pain; I'm On Your Side; I Touch Myself (64 minutes).

Melbourne, Australia, February 14, 1986 (~80 minutes).

What A Life! Interview LP: A promotional LP with a series of recorded responses to questions provided on an insert. Radio stations used these LPs to simulate an interview, having their local disc jockeys read off the questions from the cue sheet, then playing the recorded response from the LP.

The Interview CD (DIV1). A 15 minute interview.

Brief interview from Westwood One.

Known Rarities - Video

Music Videos: Boys In Town; Only Lonely; Science Fiction; Siren; Pleasure And Pain; Sleeping Beauty; Good Die Young; In My Life; Back To The Wall; Hey LIttle Boy; I Touch Myself; Love School; I'm On Your Side; Love In Motion + Punxsie; Make Out Alright; Wild Thing; Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore; I'm Jealous; Hard On Me; Human On The Inside; Don't You Go Walking; Guillotine Day.

US Festival: Boys In Town (3 minutes).

Rock 'n' Roll Tonight: I'll Make You Happy; Only Lonely; Science Fiction; Siren; Elsie; Boys In Town (24 minutes).

Australian Made: Only Lonely; Temperamental (time?).

Ritz, New York, December 8, 1985: Boys In Town; In My Life; Sleeping Beauty; Science Fiction; Guillotine Day; Pleasure And Pain; Don't You Go Walking (28 minutes).

MTV New Years Eve 1985 brief interview (2 minutes).

The Ritz, New York, 1986: Pleasure And Pain; Only Lonely; Sleeping Beauty; Interview (12 minutes).

Night Flight profile/interview, with partial clips of Only Lonely, Boys In Town, Science Fiction, Sleeping Beauty, I Touch Myself (8 minutes).

In Concert '91: Make Out Alright; I Touch Myself (10 minutes).

Live at Boggo Road Jail, Brisbane, Australia, July 31, 1993: Boys In Town; I'll Make You Happy; Only Lonely; Guillotine Day; Need A Lover; Open Windows; Love School; Lay Your Body Down; Science Fiction; Temperamental; Sex Will Keep Us Together; Make Out Alright; Bless My Soul; I Touch Myself; Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore; Pleasure And Pain. (86 minutes).

+Video press kit for 1991 Divinyls album (23 minutes).

+Underworld video from 1996 (45 minutes).

+MTV New Years Eve 1986: Dec 31, 1985: Pleasure And Pain; Motion; Science Fiction; Don't You Go Walking. Jan 1, 1986: Boys In Town; I'll Make You Happy; Only Lonely; Sleeping Beauty; Siren; In My Life.

+Arsenio Hall Show, 1991: I Touch Myself; I'm On Your Side.

+VH1 Where Are They Now segment.

Divinyls Live/Jailhouse Rock DVD

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