Known Rarities - Audio

Liverpool Warehouse, June 30, 1981: A Day's Wait; Sentimental; Real Toys; Love and Kisses; Think That It Might; Legionaire; Happy Birthday; Idols; Faithless; Pinky Blue; Insects.

Glasgow, Scotland, December 22, 1981: A Day's Wait; Little Brown Head; Sentimental; Think That It Might; Faithless; I Could Be Happy; Love and Kisses; Pinky Blue; See Those Eyes; Happy Birthday; Funny Funny Me; Beckoning Strings; Insects; Dead Pop Stars; Song Sung Blue; Happy Christmas; Jeepster.

Leeds Tiffany's, May 9, 1982: A Day's Wait; Forgotten; Dead Pop Stars; Faithless; Think That It Might; See Those Eyes; Funny Funny Me; Idols; Goodnight and I Wish; Happy Birthday; Pinky Blue; Insects; Jump Jump; See You Later; I Could Be Happy; Love and Kisses; Pinky Blue.

Chichester Festival Theatre, 1982: Speak to Me; I Could Be Happy; See Those Eyes; Happy Birthday; Puppets; Insects.

Hammersmith Palais, July 24, 1983: Another Lost Look; See Those Eyes; Think That It Might; See You Later; Now That You're Here; Change of Heart; Love to Stay; Stand So Quiet; I Could Be Happy; Insects; Bring Me Closer; Don't Talk to Me About Love; See Those Eyes; Beckoning Strings; See You Later.

Known Rarities - Video

Promotional music videos were made for the following songs:

  • Happy Birthday (directed by Tim Pope)
  • I Could Be Happy (directed by Tim Pope)
  • See Those Eyes (directed by Steve Barron)
  • Don't Talk to Me About Love (directed by Chris Gabrin)
  • Bring Me Closer (directed by Chris Gabrin)
  • Love to Stay (directed by Duncan Gibbins) well as numerous appearances on Top of the Pops and various other UK television shows.

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